Whose fault is it anyway?

The Section 37 cost report (p.5) asserts that the reason some criminals were not identified as such is that the CRB Registered Bodies find it difficult to identify people. There have also been over 2,000 cases of innocent people being identified as criminals. The Registered Bodies are the hospitals and schools and suchlike who need to check whether their staff and prospective recruits have a criminal record. It is their fault that mistakes are made, apparently, not the CRB's fault. The report was published in October 2006. This is the first time that the Registered Bodies have been blamed. In all previous reports in the media, it is the CRB who were blamed.

15 terrorist suspects have been the object of control orders. Two of them have absconded. That would seem to be the fault of the authorities who are meant to keep them in custody. But the Home Secretary blamed the opposition parties and, at his monthly press conference on 17 October 2006, the Prime Minister blamed not only the opposition but also the judiciary.

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