Mapping the GDS journey

GDS is building a reputation for creating a digital government based on user need. We’re transforming digital services, opening up government, and building skills and capability in government.

Together we have designed and delivered the award-winning digital platform of GOV.UK. We work with some of the most vibrant and digital savvy people in the UK.

International visits at GDS

We get a huge amount of interest from overseas governments and organisations wanting to learn about our work and share their knowledge.

I have recently done some research to see where our visitors to Aviation House have come from.

In 2013 GDS hosted over 100 international visits from all corners of the world. We’ve built a nifty graphic that shows you where our visitors have come from. From heads of state to ministerial visits to developers and web operations teams. International visits are a great way to share our work and learn from others.

The main areas our visitors want to learn about include:

Visit requests are prioritised according to our current programmes of work. Our colleagues in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and UK Trade and Industry (UKTI) help with these decisions.

We can’t accept every visit request – we need to focus resources on our current programmes of work. But we do respond to all requests and provide follow up information.

We continue to work with international partners in areas of common interest, and building our reputation for first class delivery based on user need.

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