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Is the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) out of control?
8 March 2007

Business Consultancy Services Ltd (BCSL) publishes its ninth ID card strategy document for the present Home Secretary

Question: how much do IPS think that ePassports will cost the UK? Is it (a) between £100m and £344m, or (b) could they save us £2bn, or (c) will they save us only £89m or (d) will they actually cost us £98m?

Answer: if you chose any of the options above, you're wrong. Because according to the National Audit Office report on the implementation of ePassports, IPS have at one time or another thought that they were all right.

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Question: when IPS gave the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee a breakdown of the estimated cost of the ID cards scheme (£5.8bn at the time), how many figures did they provide?

Answer: none.

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