Dematerialised ID


The voluntary alternative

to material ID cards


Dematerialised ID blogging hosting bought through G-Cloud (X3)
£1bn boost for hospitals as IT ‘cowboys’ back down (X2)
£15m support deal for UKBA system (X2)
£37bn quid demands a little pro quo
10 political smear campaigns
1930s’ screen sirens - don’t fancy yours much!
1,000 airport workers sign-up for ID cards (X3)
24 hours more wisdom
42 days is bad in both practice and principle
42 days is still too long
74 countries hit by NSA-powered WannaCrypt ransomware backdoor: Emergency fixes emitted by Microsoft for WinXP+
A better way to push democracy, but the west's love-bombing has risks too
A brave Pakistani writer and physicist speaks out - Respect!
A costly mistake for the taxpayer – and the Civil Service (X2)
A covert war conducted with the utmost
A cracking row over ID card lobbying for us all to savour
A deeply flawed DNA test
A disgruntled failed applicant writes….
A dog's life
A Dreadful Record
A fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S – Apple could do better
A good month to bury bad news
A Government Plan for IDs to Replace Online Passwords
A healthy scepticism about electronic medical records (X2)
A historic attack on liberty (X3)
A historic shift?
A house of cards
A just war against the murderers in our midst (July 15, 2007 1:53 AM)
A law to label real fur - that should bring the voters back
A maître d’s guide to winning a ‘yes’ vote on the EU
A mass movement is needed to tackle the state's snoopers (X3)
A new generation waits to pick up JFK's torch (April 16, 2007 1:49 AM)
A new politics
Empower the committee system
Holding the executive to account
How would you reform Westminster? (X7)
I am sick of my country and this hysteria over MPs
Liberal Democrats: opportunity knocks (X3)
People must have a direct say (X2)
Politics: rebuilding from the rubble (X2)
We need a massive, radical redistribution of power
Where next? (X3)
A No Brainer
A picture of something chillingly Orwellian
A pledge to keep
A Prime Minister’s Speech (X2)
A question of identity (X8)
A rising note of panic surrounds Number 10
A rollercoaster ride with Matthew Parris (4 Oct 2007 12:17:43)
A scheduling error in Manchester?
A series of unpleasant remarks about the French (X7)
A significant message from Nick Clegg
A strategy gone wrong
A supreme god? Maybe that’s the problem
A tax on the absent-minded (December 24, 2006 2:21 AM)
A third ‘will refuse ID checks’
A tough nut at the Home Office helm
A tragedy born of military despotism and anarchy
A tribunal must tell us what to fix. And whom to punish (X7)
A two-faced coalition is hard to fight but Labour needs to find a way, quick (X3)
A way out of the ID folly (X12)
A whiff of the think-tank as Miliband gets high on concept at Foreign Office
A Who's Who of Indian sleaze (X2)
A White flag to Stalinism
A wild move but the principles are correct (X6)
Aaronovitch: you’re talking t*rd mate
Aadhaar: If you have tears, why shed them for the UID? (X2)
How UIDAI goofed up pilot test results to press forward with UID scheme (X9)
1180 - India's ID card scheme – drowning in a sea of false positives
1183 - Collar the lot of us! The biometric delusion by David Moss
Aadhaar – drowning in a sea of false positives
India issues two millionth UIDAI number using Morpho’s technology
India issues two millionth UIDAI number (X4)
India releases biometric enrolment report (X2)
UIDAI does not have any statistics of UID progress to share
Absolutists on both sides have got it wrong
Absurd call for public sector to embrace web 2.0
Accelerating towards a digital future (X2)
Access all areas on email and internet data (X2)
Advisers foretold ID's doom
After #Election2015: How can we save Big Data? (X2)
Aftermath of the cyber attack – will ministers learn the wrong lessons?
Against all odds we can still win, on a platform for change
Agile can fix failed GovIT says lawyer *
Agile government: What the scrapping of CIO means to digital strategy (X2)
AI can power this decade
Airport face scans near one million
Airport face-scan gate unilaterally imprisons traveller
Airport rethinks strip-scanner for kids
Airport security system 'compromised'
Alan Johnson and the Benighted ID Scheme (X4)
Alan Johnson scraps compulsory ID Cards
Alan Johnson: The half-baked libertarians of the coalition must not ruin our legacy in reducing crime
Alan Johnson: we should be proud of DNA database (X5)
Alistair Darling must act instead of promising
All good Tories should support a mansion tax (X2)
All Gordon can do is fight on - and hope his luck turns (X2)
All pomp and pageantry at Britain's royal wedding
All this lofty talk counts for nothing while only 8,000 voters count (X5)
Almost everyone condemns naked short selling. But not the British Treasury
Alternative Reform
Always ask: who has the most to gain by keeping a big problem alive?
America does redaction...
American Account: The good news is eclipsed by the bad and the ugly (X3)
American TV’s ongoing love affair with British actors
AMV scoops Identity and Passport Service ad account
AMV BBDO wins Identity and Passport Services account
An appeal for charity at Christmas (X3)
An Archbishop for the Internet Age (X3)
An empty chair on 5 Live
An historic attack on liberty and democracy (X2)
An ID card nation by stealth (X2)
An underground scandal
An unprincipled threat to our liberty
And answers came there none (X5)
And cheerio to those of you in Yesminster
And so it begins... Cleaning up HMRC's £10.7bn Aspire mess
Andy Coulson: The phone-hacking scandal won't go away
Andy Coulson's staying power in Downing Street
Another country (X2)
Another on-off election fiasco would be fatal for Mr Brown (X2)
Another Perspective on the Value of Privacy
Any fat goose fretting over tax can boo this lot off course
Anyone seen my DVD? Ohio loses disc holding 50,000 citizens' records
Anywhere, anyone
Apple IDs the next-generation iPhone (X4)
Apple looks to swipe the payments market (X3)
Archbishop, with sharia it's all or nothing
Are the big IT systems of state untouchable, as some claim?
Are the men who would replace Mervyn King fit to sit on the throne?
Are we a free country any more?
Are you dumb enough to put your bank details online? (X3)
Ark scoops £700m to host ALL's data centre needs
Arranging an assisted suicide is the ultimate in control freakery
Arresting events (X3)
Arresting MPs and nationalising banks happen in dictatorships
‘Artificial Intelligence’ was 2016's fake news
As the clouds gather, Brown has to hug key allies tight
Ashley Madison hack: Adulterers, mums and MPs sadly had it coming
Ask Blair: it's personality, not policy, that wins elections (September 5, 2007 9:26 AM)
Ask the under-50s
Assessing the UK’s Government Digital Service
At last an IT supplier that tells it like it is
At last the great divide is coming into focus
Atkinson Grimshaw: the painter who will be forever autumn
Auberon Waugh: the genius who taught non-liberals to be thoroughly unashamed (X3)
Austerity can be a good thing, right?
Australia mandates* cloud use by government agencies (X4)
Australia to capture biometrics at the border under new law
Austerity is the final fence for Cameron (x3)
Austerity is the final fence for Cameron (x3)
Avoid humiliation – learn from the decisions of history
Axe falls on Directgov as GOV.UK launches (X5)
Back to scrawled notes and secret whispers?
‘Back-door’ ID cards under fire (X2)
Bah, humbug! (X6)
Bandits at 2 o’clock high? (X10)
Bank failed over crunch, admits King (X2)
Banking scandal: more lie than bore
Banks want to keep your digital ID in their vaults
Barclays launches Identity Service for access to online government (X4)
Barcode everyone at birth (X2)
Baroness Scotland fined for failing to follow own law
Baroness Scotland must now stand down
Be a pro-MMR campaigner (X2)
Be bold, Gordon: show us the red thread running through your policies
Be very afraid – we are being fleeced by purveyors of fear (X2)
Benighted ID scheme to hit foreign nationals soon... (X9)
Berners-Lee says snoop law could see spies blackmail soldiers
Between a rock and a hard place in SNP land
Beware the growing power of Google (X6)
Beware the lesson of the Tory wolf in liberal clothing (X6)
Big bang is dead: Christmas has been cancelled (x2)
Big Brother is...napping (24 Sep 2007 11:12:21)
Big Brother is watching us? How comforting (x5)
Big business should look beyond the online society
Bill Clinton takes the stage at Comedy Central
Bin Laden - that psychotic sonofabitch - is dead: let the “Buts” commence (X4)
Binyam Mohamed case: Torture and a question of judgment
Binyam Mohamed shows us the contempt that Miliband & Co. had for decency and democracy
Binyam Mohamed: a shameful cover-up
Biotmetric ID will not identify intentions
Biometric recording points under fire (X2)
Biometric tick
Biometrics are not a panacea for data loss (X9)
‘Biometrics Skeptics’ AxXiom For Liberty Live Friday April 29 6-8pm CST
Biometrics system is unworkable
Biometrics: still much too unreliable for everyday use (Correspondence)
Biometrics – the vanishing government report on their accuracy
Biometrics: will the Center for Global Development reconsider?
Blair attacks Cameron's ''highfalutin wail''
Blair is wildly exaggerating the threat posed by terrorism (November 22, 2006 2:57 PM)
Blair risks ending up as one more crusader in the Levantine ditch (X2)
Blair 'wrong' over liberties stance (27.09.07, 12:56am)
Blair’s egotism is at the heart of Labour’s ills
Blame compliance for the donations scandal
Blaming a moral decline for the riots makes good headlines but bad policy
Blighty quietly signs deal to read giant EU border control database
Blindly fingerprinting children (X8)
Blunkett is given job at identity card firm
Blunkett warns over ‘Big Brother’ Britain
BMW dragged into scandal as VW forces two engineers out (X2)
Bob Quick row: Another day, another spat (X2)
Bogus colleges and student visa scams
Bogus foreign students free to flout new laws
Bold aspirations, but the economy will be key (X2)
Border guards get first dozen ID card readers
Bordering on crazy?
Borders plan will not be enforceable
Borders row could close off May’s ambitions (X6)
Bounty hunters won't solve the benefits crisis
Box-loads of unanalysed NPfIT invoices - and an imminent £2.5bn deal
Breaking news: BBC FINALLY spots millions of mugshots on cop database
Breaking the electoral mould may not have a happy ending
Breakthrough discerned?
Brexit would mean that we don’t give a damn (X5)
BRICS countries face identity card IT project delays
Bring back bonds
Bring on the Robin Hood tax
Bringing Europe closer to its citizens
Britain: “a dark outrider among liberal democracies”
Britain can't afford ID cards (X7)
Britain hopes for a bite of ID project
Britain is slithering down the road towards a police state (X8)
Britain may copy Australia’s strict anti-smoking measures (X2)
Britain must complete its US Revolution (X3)
Britain must resist Tea Party thinking
Britain once had the greatest Civil Service in the world. Then along came New Labour
Britain’s future: Labour candidates’ views (June 14th, 2007 at 11:57 am)
Britain's torture cover-up continues
Britain's visa shame
British Civil Service takes to social networking like duck to water, new book proves
Britons tolerate security cameras' prying eyes
Brown and Darling have bitten the bullet - and set the world an example (X11)
Brown attacks Tory 'lack of compassion' for opposing tax cuts (X2)
Brown brings in the barbed wire
Brown but not out (X6)
Brown calls in police over hacking scandal
Brown has nothing to hide
Brown improves his anti-terror act, but ID cards could ruin it
Brown may have survived. But the coup was a success
Brown 'misled' with ID card claims
Brown takes some blame for banks crisis
Brown wants a new constitution: has he not done enough damage to the old one?
Brown's aspirations aren't those of Thatcher (June 18, 2007 12:49 AM)
Brown's austerity extends only to the English middle classes (May 16, 2007 2:12 AM)
c.f. Car wrecks and Hutus: a guide to good conduct
Brown's bounce turns to backlash
Brown’s in a deep hole - and here’s how he should get out of it
Brown's portfolio of possibilities
Brown's Speech: By the numbers
Bruce Schneier's Data and Goliath – solution or part of the problem?
Budget 2010: There is one cut that could save Labour
Budget: Back to Labour's class war roots
Budget: The new divide (X3)
Budget: Will the 50p tax gamble pay off?
Build a recovery all can share in (X2)
Build Bigger (X5)
Bureaucracy has become the BBC's dieback disease
Business and ID cards (X5)
Business taxation: self assessment
Cabinet Office joins the Open Identity Exchange (X2)
Cabinet Office publishes identity assurance 'good practice' guidance
Cabinet Office talks to Facebook & co about new ID system
Cable lashes out at coalition in row on tax and banks
CACI sued for torture by former Abu Graib inmates
California just launched a "Digital Service" based on the amazing UK Government Digital Service
Calling the police to account (X2)
Cameron has got the nerve to take Labour to pieces (X3)
Cameron has 'hacked off' mandarins with an inconsistent message
Cameron is gambling that today's fiscal boost will fail (X5)
Cameron must not waste his sudden popularity
Cameron will scale back database state
Cameron’s dire problems are not going away
Cameron's hijacking of Nudge theory is a classic example of how big ideas get corrupted (X4)
Cameron's Mr Nice act still fools some, but the pain is a wake-up call (X4)
Cameron's plan to plunder the oeuvre of Simon Cowell
Campaign group’s concern is to do with information that will be held on identity scheme database
Can Dilnot win the numbers game?
Can Labour recover from the cash for honours crisis? (February 5, 2007 1:30 AM)
Can Lib Dems lead the left? (X4)
Can mutuals help drive down the demand for public services?
Can shared services do more than just cut overheads?
Can you argue the case for a UK database state? (X11)
Canvassing for David Davis? Well, don't take my car
Card declined: How Britain said no to ID cards, three times over
Cardiff Airport gets more security theatre
Cargo Plane Bomb Plot: The unknown enemies who live among us (X3)
Case closed: Why Hillary won
Cass Sunstein - simplification and nudge
Caught in the Net (X2)
Caught short (X7)
CCTV: the worst of all possible worlds
CCTV riches for man who puts name to a face
Celebrating England’s greatest blogger: George Orwell (X2)
Census: the opt-out and the opportunity
CESG has indeed produced a readable and succinct "Executive Companion" to Cyber Security
Charles Clarke warns of ‘Labour civil war’ (X4)
Charles Moore's reflections on the week
Change the leader? Yes. Go to the country early? No
Charles Moore attacks the Israel university boycotters
Charter for Compassion: At one with our ignorance (X2)
Child A&E visits logged in crackdown on abuse
Child data debacle seals Whitehall's demise (X2)
China and Britain locked in cyber war (X4)
China's All-Seeing Eye (X6)
Chinese steal jet secrets from BAE
Chopin, Euphorbia, Evelyn and the ID Cards
Chris Chant calls for money for 'woefully underfunded' G-cloud programme
Christmas is the time to revisit our obsession with the past
Ciffies 2009: And the winners are…
Citizen or subject: The politics of personal identity
Cuidad Juarez is all our futures. This is the inevitable war of capitalism gone mad
Civil servants and MPs: settling accounts (X4)
Civil servants are feeling the love, but preparing to face the pain (X2)
Civil servants of Sir Humphrey vintage were amusing: but Whitehall's changed (X4)
Civil service “full of brilliant people terribly managed” (X2)
Civil Service reform: Whitehall still needs to sharpen up its act
Civil service: all change in Whitehall
Civility slips at Whitehall
Clacton’s most wanted suffers from identity crisis
Class war hots up (01:07 PM on 23 May 2007)
Class warriors who betrayed the underclass (X3)
Clear out the Financial Services Authority, along with Alistair Darling and Mervyn King
Clear Thinking Needed in a Cloudy World
Clegg: The leader who's learning how to be taken seriously
Clegg's first 50 days (X3)
Cloud adoption should be 'limited'
Clouds of cyber hazards
Cloudy, chance of rain
Coalition axes Central Office of Information, 400 jobs
Coalition axes Central Office of Information, 400 jobs
Coalition cuts have been too deep, says key Nick Clegg aide
Coalition plan for £75,000 cap on elderly care bills (X2)
Collar the lot of us! The biometric delusion (X14)
Come clean about torture
Come on, Labour, show us a full team
Come on, Nick Clegg, say your own C-word
Coming next... an even bigger database
Comment Central 15 September 2010
Comment from "Jim Prideaux" on my last blog
Comment is free awards 2007
Comment on "Who is trying to join up the policies? Who would you trust to do so?"
Computerworld Honors 2013: ID program empowers citizens in India (X2)
Concern over ID card systems
Confidence Boost
Confronted with evil, Wodehouse made a ghastly error
Connecting to Nowhere
Conservative MPs are biting their tongues – but for how much longer? (X3)
conservativehome: Friday 16th February 2007 (16 February 2007 at 14:23)
conservativehome: Monday 3rd March 2008
conservativehome: Thursday 25th October 2007 (25 October 2007 at 12:57 and 23:18)
conservativehome: Thursday 29th November 2007 (X6)
Consultants are key to government reforms
Control centre
Convention rallies support against government madness
Corporate complicity with the Great Firewall
Could Identity Assurance be the missing ingredient for digital inclusion?
Cowboys’ Last Stand
CP Scott's Guards – the Guardian, champion of civil liberties?
America, cowering to an imaginary enemy, is not the country I once knew (X2)
Britain's broken constitution
England's glory
Europe's big brothers (X3)
In this economic cauldron, a new Labour is being forged (X5)
Last week, a dear friend of freedom was laid to rest
Modern liberty has found its voice (X3)
On the Genealogy of Morals, part 7: Nietzsche contra dogma
Rights demand strong institutions (X2)
The blame game*
The return of Jix
* That was the tenth and last time the Scott's Guards post was submitted. All ten were subsequently deleted from CIF, the Guardian's Comment is Free blog. The Guardian reacted within roughly 48 hours. Compare that with the response time of the government – six years and still waiting.
Crackdown on 'illegal' employers
Crazy – millions of citizens offered two competing government identity systems (X3)
Crosby changes the nature of the ID debate
Crowdsourcing and a response.
Crying betrayal
CSC confident on £2bn NPfIT deal says The Times
CSC NPfIT deal is a crucial test of coalition strength (X2)
Cut public sector on-line information bloat until we all have 2 mbps
Cuts, by Joe Glass (X6)
Cyber attacks: payback time
Cyber security: Behind the firewalls
Cyber warfare: Low blows (X2)
Cybercrime investigation and the protection of personal data and privacy
Cybersecurity in Cloud Cuckoo Land
Cyberspace can be good for your health
Cyberwar declared as China hunts for the West’s intelligence secrets
Damian Green and the missing 'no'
Damian Green's arrest shows parliament in decay
Danger lurks everywhere. Let the pilots handle ash (X7)
Data geeks are going to change the way we live
Data Protection (X2)
Data protection: nipping the EU problem in the bud
Database magic favours the dark side
Database state will not work for us
Dave new world (X2)
David Cameron blocks Gordon Brown as head of IMF
David Cameron is in the sewer because of his News International friends
David Cameron is piling up the u-turns
David Cameron is selling a new Tory brand - but I'm not buying it yet
David Cameron must protect Britain's rightwing newspapers
David Cameron on surveillance, accountability and empowerment with information
David Cameron: What makes me Conservative (September 9, 2007 2:57 PM)
David Cameron's brave one-way leap
David Cameron's comments on the media should freak out anyone who cares about press freedom
David Cameron's enthusiasm could still trump Gordon Brown's Clubcard politics (October 2, 2007 12:45 AM and 12:56 AM)
David Cameron's Tories nudge aside Labour's macho world (X3)
David Davis decides to call a by-election:
Bad bargain (X4)
Modern liberty has found its voice (X2)
The rôle of civil liberties (X2)
The UK National Identity Scheme (X14)
We live in a new world, it is claimed ... (X6)
David Davis and the great media U-turn (X56)
David Davis isn't acting on principle, but wounded pride (X3)
David Davis to resign from shadow cabinet and as MP (X2)
David Davis's decision is political lunacy
David Miliband a colossus? He’s a greedy failure in a cosmic sulk
David Miliband attacks 'loudmouth' Cameron over Pakistan comments
David Miliband calls the Prime Minister a 'loudmouth'
David Miliband can't (11 April 2007 at 13:34)
David Miliband has to go
David Miliband is an embarrassment strutting the world stage
David Miliband is ready for battle, but someone else must pull the trigger
David Miliband is the man best placed for leadership
David Miliband makes the case for democracy
David Miliband meets the bloggers
David Miliband will galvanise Labour so the Tories should get ready (X2)
David Miliband's piccolo diplomacy
David Miliband's top banana moment leaves way clear for Ed
Davis won't divide us
Davos 08: globalisation in capitals
Davos 08: Those irritating human rights questions (X3)
Dawkins on the power of the Jews (X3)
Dazzled by false colours (X2)
Dead chipmunk walking. Or not.
Dead or alive? Ten icons who are still with us
Dean Bubley, Disruptive Analysis
Decline of the great British government IT scandal (X2)
Defeating the database state (X3)
Defection wave weakens Gaddafi’s grip
Defending the public space (X4)
Defra’s agile plan with multiple suppliers risky says NAO
Dementia and Child Abuse are hot drama themes right now - I wish they weren’t
Democracy by internet
Department of Health CIO resigns (X2)
DHS Requires Your Travel Plans 72 Hours in Advance
Did Britons really take to Rock ‘n’ Roll in the 1950s?
Did Gordon Brown know about the risk to child benefit data?
Did officials tell MPs the whole truth on NPfIT payments to CSC?
Digital by default requires a concerted culture change
Digital democracy: will 2015 be the last paper-based general election? (X2)
Digital disruption for CIOs
Digital innovation report calls for design heads in Whitehall
Digital public services 'by default'
Digital public services need us 'all in this together'
Digital strategy to axe tens of thousands of central government jobs
Director of Universal Credit programme steps down
DIRTBOX INTRUDER marshals spy on Americans' mobiles from above
Disaster on the cards (X2)
Disruptive behaviour (X4)
Do Cameron's critics really want grammar schools? (22 May 2007 14:11:48)
Do Jacqui’s fingerprints save the day?
Do they really want us to have more power, and do we want it? (X4)
Do we really want the State to run politics?
Do you believe in unicorns?
Do you mind being snooped on? Take a test (X4)
Does a Mid Staffs culture still pervade the NHS?
Does Huckabee's view on evolution matter? Hell, yes!
Does IBM’s Identity Grid idea show us the future for online public services? (X8)
Does the DWP IDAP announcement mean HMG has begun to recognise the nature of the ID market-place? (X2)
Does the US think that only Americans have a right to privacy? (X2)
Dogma is for losers (X6)
Don’t bank on identity
Don’t be evil, dudes – unless it turns a buck
Don’t blame MI5 when it draws a blank
Don’t let this furore wreck a great success (X3)
Don’t like ID cards? Hand over your passport
Don’t risk real freedom for short-term material gain
Dot Wordsworth wades through clichés
Doth I protest too much?
Doublethink is alive and well at MI5
Dramatic reminder of the evil of torture
Dumb and dumber: John Major talks bollocks about foreign aid (X2)
DVLA website GOES TITSUP on day paper car tax discs retire (X3)
eBay hacking: online gangs are after you
Ed’s real vice is caution, not ruthlessness
Ed Balls: a clever man who still won't admit his complicity in the Gordon Brown disaster
Ed Miliband in power 'like a turbine on a windless day'
Ed Miliband is leading Labour on a march into insignificance
Ed Miliband's critics may yet eat their words (X2)
Ed Vaizey booted to backbench, Hancock booted to DCMS
Edward Miliband: The terrible morning after the speech before
Edward Snowden is a traitor, just as surely as George Blake was
Embarrassingly, I find myself on Tony Blair’s side on the biggest question of all (X2)
Empty rhetoric from a Labour apparatchik (X2)
Emulating x86: Microsoft builds granny flat into Windows 10
“Enculez-vous!” - what Britain really needs to tell the EU
End of New Labour spin? I can hardly wait (May 13, 2007 10:44 AM)
End of NPfIT? – Campaign4Change on BBC R4 Today programme
Entitlement card 'a threat to civil liberty' (X6)
Equifax hack: 44 million Britons' personal details feared stolen in major US data breach
ERP buyer alleges supplier fraud - a similar case to BSkyB v HP?
Establishing trust in digital services (X3)
Estonia is a model of restraint
Estonia pitches itself as the new Silicon place (X4)
Estonia’s technology economy and online service provision- back to the future?
EU desperately pushes just-as-dodgy safe harbour alternatives (X2)
EU governments are CRAP at cloud, moans Brussels' infosec watchdog
EU ministers agree e-government aims
EU ministers hold Big Meeting on Big Data. But how will they get you to hand it over?
Europe is holding us back. We must rethink
Europe's left is in crisis. The choice is stark: adapt or wilt
European mobile operators say big sites need to pay for users' data demands
Even Le Carré's latest fiction can't do justice to Snowden
Even your best friend wouldn’t tell you
Everyone is recording what we do over the Internet: why should the NSA and GCHQ be different?
Everyone has secrets, so start worrying before the state grabs them all
Ex-terror chief: We need new tracking powers
Examine the pink doughnut closely. Then sit and weep
Excerpts from report on GovIT: Recipe for rip-offs – time for a new approach
Exchange: Will Brown go?
Exclusive: the IdealGov reverse Turing test
Expect more online attacks, Anonymous hackers say
Experian hack exposes 15 million people's personal information
Experian-T-Mobile US hack: 'We trusted them, now that trust is broken'
Expert enlisted. Speaks out. Gets sacked. It's a tradition
Exploding the "myth of the rational voter" (15 Jul 2007 20:57:02 and 16 Jul 2007 17:05:57)
Extending deadline ‘loads dice’ for Remain, says Arron Banks
Extraordinary tales of fraud and failure in Whitehall (X8)
Face it, there is no escape from 'them' (X3)
Facebook accounts could be used to prove identity to access public services (X12)
Facial recognition – Jokesville says UK’s “Great Bane”
Facial recognition is same as tossing coin
Facial recognition biometrics do not work
Facial recognition tech could hit plod smartphones (X3)
Facing the fallout (X5)
Fairness is still our guide (X44)
Faith schools can best generate the common purpose that pupils need (X6)
Faith schools may be Blair's most damaging legacy (X13)
Faltering government tech upstarts (X3)
Familiar faces in new guises
Farewell to Ian Watmore – the antithesis of Sir Humphrey
Farmer feedback helping to shape new CAP IT system
FBI Prepares Vast Database Of Biometrics (X5)
FBI techs shy away from facial recognition (X7)
FBI to launch nationwide facial recognition service (X3)
Feds want a phone smart enough to burn itself if it falls into the wrong hands
Feeling excluded? (X2)
Ferme générale
Fiddling savings on shared services? Officialdom in need of reform
Fight Club: Richard Littlejohn vs. Polly Toynbee
Fighting the surveillance state
Fineline Driving Academy Daily 9.4.14
Fingerprint this
Fingerprints, facial scans, EU border data slurp too tasty for French to resist
Finkelstein and Collins take your questions (X8)
FireControl – should PA Consulting share some responsibility for what happened?
Firms still have time to adapt to the digital age – but they're cutting it fine
Fisking Janet Daley (21 May 2007 14:23:09)
Five questions for Identity Assurance (X8)
Five tests that saved Britain from the fate of economic oblivion
Fixing the roof and all that stuff
Flood risk is here to stay
FOI team hides already released Universal Credit report
Folding on Fisa (X2)
For growth, it's often best that the state does nothing (X2)
For once, Julian Assange is right. Global digital surveillance is a reality – and it's happening to you, not just people who post offensive tweets
For the digital revolution, this is the Robespierre moment
For the DUP, this was a triumph (X2)
Foreign bodies
Forget MPs, what about our privacy?
Forgotten values (X6)
Former White House CIO praises the G-Cloud programme
Former White House CIO praises the G-Cloud programme
“Forward Together” – the Conservative Manifesto: full text
France wants to fingerprint British arrivals (X3)
France's fringe take the Pyongyang option
Frank Miles, the teacher who changed lives
Fraud fears mount over revolution in benefits (X3)
Freedom is taking a battering under kneejerk New Labour (X2)
Freedom of Information: a retrograde step
Freedom v tyranny
French Constitutional Court Bans Law Enforcement Use of National Biometric ID Database
French infuriated over Cameron’s invite to tax exiles
French presidential election: too close to call, too exciting for words
From courageous to stubborn (X2)
From Google downwards, our digital masters must be watched (X3)
From John Lewis to workers' co-ops: these Tories love wrongfooting the left (X2)
From the centre and here to help (X2)
FTC calls for Congress to crack down on consumer data harvesting
Fujitsu confirms departure of MD of Government Business
Fusion centres realise full potential of “astral soup” (X2)
G in G-Cloud 'silly' says Whitehall adviser
G Cloud 6? No, not for us, say hundreds of suppliers
G-Cloud could be the new global model for procurement, says ex-White House CIO (X2)
G-Cloud IA Guidance V1.0 published
G-Cloud ii – now open for business
GCHQ did not use Prism to get round UK laws, committee finds (X2)
GDS £450m investment probably an 'accounting fudge' – gov IT analyst (X3)
GDS becomes political as Labour launches digital government review
GDS to handle Govt payments? What could possibly go wrong?
Geeks in jeans are the Treasury’s new heroes (X8)
General Election 2015: David Cameron to give more snooping powers to spies
Genius, or an empty gesture by men groping in the dark? (X3)
George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith could ruin welfare reform (X4)
Germany calls halt to Facebook’s WhatsApp info slurp
Getting the vapers
Getting to know you
Ghosh: grasping the nettle
Give biometrics the FINGER: Horror tales from the ENCRYPT
Give it up, Gordon (X16)
Give out e-cigarettes free on the NHS, doctors told
Give peace a chance. Forget the war on drugs
Give them up for new year (X8)
Give us a digi-Czar and more bureaucrats, begs UK tech-services biz (X3)
Giving consumers the midata touch (X3)
Giving identity cards a bad name
Glasgow East is the by-election to watch
Glued-shut IT wallets hindered UK govt's programmes – study
GM OnStar cars will upload all data unless owners opt out
Go on, Diane, give Miliballs a proper scare
Go on, inhale our G-Cloud via 'Digital Marketplace' –
Good 4 Something (X4)
Goodbye, good times. Now Labour has to show just whose side it is on (X2)
Google and co join gov's identity marketplace
Google Confirms It Aims to Own Your Online ID
Google grabs secrets of private lives (X2)
Google pays just £6m UK tax on profits of £395m (X2)
Google shows the NSA how to make surveillance socially acceptable - with a £30 TV Dongle
Google Street View has got off lightly (X13)
Google to warn users of 'state-sponsored' hacking
Google wins final approval for huge British HQ (X2)
Google X ‘plan for mobile phone-glasses’
Google: we are beyond British law
Gord: We’re Rock solid
Good housekeeping is a gamble that may win
Gordon Brown and John McCain: the first tiff (X5)
Gordon Brown broke Lloyds, and it should break him
Gordon Brown can lay the ground for Labour's next generation
Gordon Brown doesn't get the oil crisis
Gordon Brown exclusive: Don't kid yourself, Nick. No Lib Dem I know sees any Tory progressive bond (X8)
Gordon Brown is the last man to run the IMF (X3)
Gordon Brown leadership challenge: Joan Ryan and Janet Anderson call for vote
Gordon Brown pays the price for dishonesty (X9)
Gordon Brown seeks to shore up support as voters go to the polls
Gordon Brown to play part of Union protector
Gordon Brown to vow home internet access for all children
Gordon "Huckleberry" Brown decides not to call an election:
Avoid humiliation – learn from the decisions of history
Brown will pay for his unwise gamble (X3)
Brown's bona fides (X3)
Brown's poll pretence
conservativehome: Sunday 7th October 2007 (X5)
conservativehome: Monday 8th October 2007 (X2)
conservativehome: Wednesday 10th October 2007
Darling's on his knees but dancing to Tory tune (X2)
Do the Tories have the bottle to win?
Election news update 1.50pm (X6)
Four reasons Tories shouldn't fear Nick Clegg
Gordon Brown will let Alistair Darling swing (X4)
It’s back to the drawing board for the Tories
Kerry or Kennedy?
Nick Clegg - policy wonk
No election, but battle for Britain has begun (X2)
O lucky Mac
PM decides against snap election as poll shows Tory lead
Small sops to freedom can't hide what Labour has stolen
Something borrowed, something blue
Taunt them. Humiliate them. Kick them
The Big Feartie from Fife (X6)
The real problem is deeper than just Gordon (X9)
The start of a new Labour leadership battle? (X3)
Things fall apart
Thoughts from the Brown press conference
Tories and the Turning Point (X2)
What Ming must be musing on
Why is Gordon Brown so reluctant to be a liberal? (X4)
Gordon Brown: I made a big mistake on banks
Gordon Brown: Labour's dilemma
Gordon Brown: Stalin to Has-been
Gordon Brown: the terrible vacuum
Gordon Brown: We must defend the Union
Gordon Brown's barnstorming Citizens UK speech: what took so long? (X3)
Gordon Brown's government fighting with itself
Gordon Brown's latest Americanism: the Shrum speech (30 Sep 2007 21:00:00 and 2 Oct 2007 00:02:20)
Gordon Brown's masterly inactivity won't wash
Gordon Brown's resignation: He had to go. Now anything is possible (X5)
Gordon Brown's treatment was grotesque yet he was still prepared to protect his friends in the press
Gordon calling (X2)
Gordon loses it (X2)
Gordon needs culture lessons from Tony
Gov IT slasher gets top civil service role
Gov tempts young London onto ID database with booze, 'games'
Gov to pull plug on online ID verification portal Gateway in 2018
Gove fires first shot in EU war with attack on deal
Gove skewers Gordon
Government abandons lie detector tests for catching benefit cheats
Government bureaucracy 'insanely arrogant' says digital boss
Government CIO role ditched in governance shake-up
Government digital agency fights to protect budget (X2)
Government Digital Service condemned for shallow thinking
Government Digital Service to live in 'multi-tenanted' cloud from SCC
Government Gateway online hack claims 'nonsense', say multiple folk in the know
Government IT projects fail because of politicians, not programmers (x10)
Government IT reformers criticise IT leadership shake-up
Government official gives practical security advice - shock horror
Government opens Midata 'innovation lab' to boost transparency push
Government plans next-generation ID scheme
Government policy – a spotter’s guide
Government services to be online-only (X3)
Government standards vehicle driven by "clueless fuckwittery"
Government to create market for personal identity data
Government waste 'obscene' money on IT
Government website beats world's best architects to win design prize
Government's rendition bully tactics
Gray's elegy, Darling's disaster
Great boost for “transformational” ring of data soup
Greece's smokers stoke up rebellion
Greens under the bed
Group-think is endemic in Whitehall, says ex-aide to Cameron (X2)
Guardian (X1,360)
Guardian/ICM survey: unpopularity poll (X2)
Gus O'Donnell's anger reflects a growing rift between mandarins and MPs
Gutless, yes. But the planet's future is no priority of ours
Ha ha, Osborne, these Gov 2.0 web wranglers have wiped out UK debt
Hacked Off argue themselves into the gutter
Hacker steals nude photos of ‘more than 100’ film and TV stars (X2)
Hackers could control your car remotely, drivers told
Had a public service? Do you care? Tell!
Hague's half page of waffle will not do to bind the shreds of union
Hanging on the telephone
Happy birthday to EU, happy . . .? (March 24, 2007 1:45 AM)
Hard to Credit
Has he been watching CSI again?
Has HMG given up on trying to impose an ID scheme?
Have faith in our schools (X9)
Heads should roll for arresting Damian Green
Hear No Evil (X2)
Heathrow chaos due to revamp and 15% cut in staff, independent report finds
Heathrow facial recognition tech stalled by borders fiasco (X4)
Help or hinder?
Herding the sheep on-line to be fleeced
Here is your passport to penury (March 12, 2007 9:37 AM, 10:17 AM and 11:24 AM)
Here's how data thieves have captured our lives on the internet
Here's what Labour can do about the Lib Dem dilemma (X4)
Hey, you, get off of my cloud (™) (X4)
Hi-tech controls will trap these bogus students (X4)
Hitchens on Hillary as Secretary of State
HMRC Enquiry letters on Loans from EBT and other schemes
HMRC G-Cloud deal a step towards less reliance on big IT suppliers
HMRC set to go digital
Hodge attacks ''defensive'' O'Donnell
“Hollywood vs. America” - the dystopia created by US film-makers (X8)
Home Office: borders of belief
Home Office admits that employers cannot check on the right to work in Britain
Home Office awards Raytheon £150m over e-borders cancellation
Home Office is being 'misleading'
Home Office spunks another £12.8m on face recog tech
Home Office website ‘hacked by Anonymous’
Home Secretary unveils ID card
Home untruths
Hospitals offered cash to take ‘cowboy’ IT system
House of ID Cards collapses
How best to respond to the Israel boycott
How Brown is Red Ed?
How can you tell if a policy is working? Run a trial (X2)
How data protection has emerged from shadows
How did The Coalition, a political satire so preposterous it's beyond parody, ever get commissioned?
How does David Cameron draw a line under this one?
How G-Cloud became a poster child for the UK government’s SME engagement policy (X9)
How Google turned evil (Apple and Facebook aren’t much better)
How Groucho Marx lost his voice and found his funny bone
How Liam Glover and his dog Lamy cost us £2.7bn
How London IT director saves millions by buying patient record system. (X2)
How mobile phones are turning into phantom limbs (X4)
How much has the 10p tax row damaged Gordon Brown?
How much of the EU's data will the UK lose? (X3)
How Nick Clegg's party can avoid being eaten
How safe is your data? - on-line or off?
How smoking shines a light on pack loyalty
How the Establishment bugs Gordon Brown
How The Government Is Lying About Fighting The Database State
How The Radiation Lobby Puts Air Travelers At Risk
How they managed to botch the bailout
How to combat cyber-terrorism (X2)
How to outfox a broken procurement system and other digital government lessons from the U.K.
How to regulate cloud computing?
How to respond to mistakes (X5)
How to win elections and influence people (X2, +2 not published)
How to win the game on tax (X3)
How Tories and Lib Dems can make natural reformers
How we’re embedding the Identity Assurance Principles in GOV.UK Verify
How’s the Universal Credit project going?
HP to pipe dole queue data into clouds
Huawei banned from Australia’s NBN: reports
Huhne slams Home Office control orders
Human consciousness is much more than mere brain activity
Humbug of politicians with their allowances
Hung parliament: Nick Clegg forced to play fair maiden as suitors bow (X6)
Hunting Bhutto's killer
I didn't sign up for this
I don't believe that believers really believe (X2)
'I don't trust Microsoft' after NSA disclosures says former privacy chief
I fought the law and the users won: delivering online voter registration
I get the drift
“I hang on to my prejudices, they are the testicles of my mind.” Eric Hoffer (X3)
I know how Theresa May feels
I seldom say this these days, but Gordon Brown is right
I shall miss newspapers. They keep the powerful in check for us all
I want to talk to you about the NHS. And its IT system. Wait, come back…
Iain Duncan Smith has to win the day in the Tory war over welfare (X2)
Ian Watmore's departure - a personal view
IBM thrusts mighty cloud erection at US gov after Amazon beds CIA spies
ID card contract cancellation could be costly
ID card contract to provide biometric system (X3)
ID card costs
ID card could get an upgrade in 2012
ID card holders 'diddled'
ID Card Holders Denied A Refund
ID card scheme ditches key database
ID card scrapping costs unclear
ID card tsar understands public reaction (X3)
ID cards ‘will allow crime fingerprint checks’
ID cards: A new layer of compulsion
ID cards and a “tougher new strategy on immigration”
ID cards are doomed to fail (X2)
ID cards can help fight social exclusion
ID cards could be derailed by pensioners as finger prints of over-75s are hard to scan
ID cards could grant the taxman access to your bank records (X6)
ID cards for immigrants to strengthen UK security
ID cards: Should Britain stop protesting and embrace the inevitable?
ID cards now available. Count me out (X8)
ID cards sigh boring blah blah (X3)
ID cards test Johnson's political skills
ID cards were a bad idea from the start
ID cards: gone for good (X5)
ID Cards: Labour's Bad IDea
ID Cards: the Pea-Moss says (X3)
ID: bid risk and the vulnerability of IPS
ID: Genealogy of a Biometrics Company
ID is in a complete mess
ID minister promises virtual immortality for all Britons
ID providers signed for Blighty's One Dole To Rule Them All plan (X2)
ID scaremongering
ID scheme is a poorly conceived shambles
ID Wars: the slaughter of the not so innocents
IDA services put on ice for Universal Credit delivery
Ideal realised
IdealGov enters its final four weeks (X2)
Ideas for 6-10 April (X6)
Identity and Transformational Government podcast
“Identity is the new Money”. Brilliant - I wish I’d said that
Identity Minister forgets her own identity
If a Martian taxman landed now, he'd never guess Labour was in power (X5)
If BBC News was staffed with Fox journalists - it would still be left-wing! (X2)
If I were Brown, I'd tell the whole lot of them to get lost (X2)
If not GDS, then what?
If the Left is to rise again, it must lift the official silence on race and culture
If Time Travel tourism became a reality, what would you like to experience? (X5)
If they can't offer something new, the Tories will blow it
If we want jail to work, we must take the fetters off the jailer (February 18, 2007 11:04 AM)
If we’re so poor, why are we spending another £25Bn on a failed initiative?
If you don’t like the voters, they won’t like you
If you or your chatmate are looking for a nilogism or mislexis, don’t wait till an earar (X3)
If you want a modern actor to smoke convincingly - hire a smoker!
Ignorance is no defence. Smith failed in her first duty (X10)
Illegals enter the UK on ‘passports for hire’
I'm a bail-out sceptic (X4)
I'm in tune with the 'I can' generation (March 29, 2007 11:47 AM and 2:33 PM)
I'm one of 'them' (X6)
I'm sick of the Left pretending that Jeremy Corbyn won the election
Immigration backlog tops 500,000 and will take 37 years to clear, warn MPs
IMP, other databases, and the bad karma of “Spammer” Smith
Improving public service (X2)
In a crisis calling for big ideas, Osborne is woefully lacking
In coalition poker, broken promises are small change
In defence of anonymity online
In defence of John Suffolk, G-Cloud and radical reform
In defence of John Suffolk, G-Cloud and radical reform (2)
In offering Labour an illusion of hope, David Davis may have done Cameron a service (X3)
In our right minds (X2)
In praise of … songs that tell stories
In praise of… the Quakers
In praise of targets
In the age of leaky data, there is no such thing as a secure online computer (X2)
In the light of the ACS:Law leak, how safe is our data? (X2)
In the pink, the hero of a new Mili-ennium
In this era of capitulation, the log-rollers are rampant (X2)
Inaction on pay profligacy only embeds child poverty (X21)
Increase in comms snooping? You ain't seen nothing yet
India’s Biometric ID: Optimism beats evidence
India makes biometrics mandatory for all e-gov projects
India releases biometric enrolment report (X2)
India to cripple its tech sector with proposed encryption crackdown
Indian court ruling on privacy puts ID scheme in doubt
Indian ID project will work because it is about alleviating poverty and not privacy
Indian summer
Indians appoint Huawei as technical spycatcher
Individual rights are being taken away by Labour
Information overlord
Inside GOV.UK: 'CHAOS' and 'NIGHTMARE' as trendy Cabinet Office wrecked govt websites
Instead of public sector non-jobbery, Martha, how about creating REAL entrepreneurs?
Institute for Government's Andrew Adonis
Intellect defends large suppliers after "cartel" claim
Intercept project: what a terrible idea (X3)
Internal passports reminiscent of the cold war (X2)
Internet: a web for the world
Internet giants are the terrorists’ friend
Interview: Sir John Beddington
Introducing a new supplier (Skyscape) (X2)
Investors’ writ against CSC on NHS contracts – more detail (X2)
Is Britain on the slippery slope to dictatorship?
Is Cameron too specific on policy?
Is CfH central health IT spend beyond Cabinet Office control?
Is CSC losing money on NHS IT?
Is Gordon Brown crazy enough to call it? (5 Oct 2007 12:25:20)
Is it all over for's G-Cloud 3.0? A footnote in history awaits (X3)
Is liberalism a form of mental illness? (X3)
Is Major Projects annual report truly ground-breaking?
Is our fear of identity cards harming us? (X6)
Is the end in sight for maddening TV adverts? Fingers crossed!
Is the rise of the digital ID inevitable? (X3)
Is there a business in ID or not? (X3)
Is this the death of buy-to-let?
Is this the worst diagram ever?
It could happen again
It could never happen here
It is not enough to be liked, MPs need beliefs (July 16, 2007 9:44 AM)
It is the time to look again and back Labour once more (X5)
It is time for privacy debates to grow up
IT may need a more centralist approach - Ian Watmore
It suddenly comes back to me (4 Sep 2007 14:28:29)
It was not bin Laden who defined this decade
It’s back to the drawing board for the Tories
It's going to be a long, hard road to defend our liberties (X4)
It's Labour stalwart versus Tory fop - dress rehearsal for the really big one
It’s not about identity. Or privacy. It’s about saving money (X5)
It's not bankers Labour is watching, it's you (X2)
It's not only Greeks who've lost their marbles (X2)
It's not only the Queen. We're all screaming for an answer
It’s one small step from Brown’s paranoid state into a police one
It's our time (X4)
It's risky, but there may yet be method in the maverick (X2)
It’s secrecy that makes our tax system unfair
It’s simple, this money laundering stuff
It's the database, not who runs it, that matters (X2)
It’s the readers wot won it, not the press
It’s time for intolerant gays to cut us some slack (X3)
It's time to bring back national ID cards
It's time to close the Government's sinister 'Nudge Unit' and let the free market take over (X4)
It's your recession, Mr Brown. Deal with it
I've got a thing about Alistair Darling
Jacqui Smith is a victim of the new wave of puritanism
Jacqui Smith ventures out without even a PlodBerry for protection
Jack Straw kept legal advice secret from Cabinet ahead of Iraq war to avoid leaks
Jail for fraudster who grew rich as his fake bomb detectors cost lives (X2)
Jailed: Illegal immigrant who got a job with fake passport (X2)
James Cagney: celebrating the greatest screen actor of them all
James Hall, Identity & Passport Service (X2)
Japan begins mega-rollout of 100 million+ national IDs (X2)
Jennifer Lawrence hack: iCloud security explained
Jeremy Clarkson's critics should be taken out and shot
Jeremy Corbyn: My part in his glorious socialist triumph (X2)
Jeremy Heywood Confirmed as Next Cabinet Secretary
Jeremy Heywood is the new GOD (X2)
Jerry Fishenden on how we “force quit” the Benighted ID Scheme (X5)
Jobs, jobs, jobs must be the mantra for a softer recession
Jobs on offer – Government in need of “digital” talent
Joe Harley expected to be new Government CIO
Joint chief executives can make place-shaping a reality (X4)
Jordan Hatch: boy wonder civil servant with a plan to save £4m (X5)
Jordan, snobbery and the arms trade
Joshua squeezes through opening bout
Journalists in glass houses target Ed Miliband (X2)
Juncker: the Anglo-Saxon world is ready to crush euro
Judge orders FOI release of Universal Credit IT reports
Just a few key-strokes away from a new Orwellian age
Just leave us alone, you interfering bastards! (X2)
Katie Davis for new Health CIO? (X2)
Keep Cabinet secret, says Civil Service chief
Kelly grilling over lost data
Key lesson from the NPfIT
KIlling ID cards and the NIR - the Tory and LibDem plans
King John would be cock-a-hoop: they’re repealing Magna Carta
Know thyself (X6)
La Ferme de Marie-Eugénie
Labour: Running on empty (X2)
Labour asleep to Lib Dem threat (X3)
Labour doesn't mind leaks - so long as it is doing the leaking (X2, and 6 moderated)
Labour dragged into border fiasco over dropped passport checks
Labour is blinded by its lack of an oven-ready new leader
Labour is stifling the right to protest
Labour has nothing to say and no territory of its own (7 + 2 comments deleted by CiF moderator but available here)
Labour in crisis: change or die (X3)
Labour MPs Joan Ryan and Janet Anderson join open revolt against Gordon Brown (X2)
Labour must be bold now
Labour must check this bandwagon before the wrong Miliband takes over
Labour must decide. Sack or back him, deadline autumn
Labour outsources digital policy, Tories turn up to finish it (X2)
Labour should give Gordon Brown a break (X2)
Labour slammed over £365m passport IT
Labour supports electoral reform – but not this unfair bill
Labour: The many, not the few
Labour will force everyone to give fingerprints at ID card interview centres
Labour's decade is liberty's best since the vote was won (X10)
Labour's dilemmas: Denial gets you nowhere
Labour's doomed four point plan for recovery (X2)
Labour's election hopes rely on things they don't control (X2)
Labour's time is up
Landslide I
Largest advertising company in the world still wincing after NotPetya punch
Last of six McKie case experts sacked
Leaders' debate: All still in the game
Leaks, damned leaks and the drip of poison
Left foot forward
Legends in their own lunchtime
Less About Identity, More About Trust (X3)
Lessons from a government agile success (X3)
Let me pass on a story about a possible lifeboat for Brown (X3)
Let MI5 spy on granny and her azaleas; a jihadist may be lurking behind them
Let the credulous kiss their relics. It's no weirder than idolising Beckham (X2)
Let the war on hypocrisy begin (X8)
Letbin Larks
Let's get GDS to build a public blockchain,'s top boffin says
Let's get over our silly fears of public ownership
Let’s kill off this nuclear white elephant
Let's not spy for the FBI (X2)
Let’s tax all those with free degrees
Letwin's dream of decentralisation
Liam Byrne on ID cards and people trafficking
Lib Dems face challenge to retain MPs
Liberal Democrats lead on liberty (X6)
Liberal thoughts
Libertarian hero: 'Satoshi Nakamoto', government funds, the NSA and the DHS
Liberty: Coalition moves tentatively towards a humane regime
Libor Isn’t Working
Libya: Colonel Gaddafi 'flees' to Venezuela as cities fall to protesters
Libya: Muammar Gaddafi's regime on the brink of collapse (X2)
Libya uprising
Like it or not, Miliband has redefined the future of politics (X2)
Lily Cole: You'd hate me more if were a success
Listen to Chris Chant talking about G-Cloud
Liz Fisher: Gov.Uk?
Local Government does IT better and cheaper
Local ICT sold down river
Longer detention is about saving the public (X2)
Look Around (X2)
Looking ahead to the 2015 election
Lord Mandelson plan to tear up new laws splits party
Losing the war on trust (X3)
Lost your libido? Let's try a little neuro-realism, madam (X3)
Louis CK is right: smartphones have become a blight on our society
''Lunatic fringe'' denigrating public servants
Mad, bad and dangerous to know? (X4)
Mad to be happy? (X4)
Magna Carta 2007 - an updated version to protect us from an overweening State
Mahmoud al-Mabhouh's murky world (X2)
Make a clean break with NPfIT fiasco says MP
Make way for the internet of things
Making the non-doms non grata is nonsense (X2)
Manchester and the ID card
Mandarins’ warning over Civil Service ‘politicisation’
Market glut as buy-to-let landlords quit (X5)
Marriage tax break flops as couples fail to apply (X2)
Martha Lane Fox: ‘Steal from Google’ and put online first to build sustainable recovery
Martha Lane Fox talks all things web-related (X3)
Mass market biometrics – convenience and trust
Massive Biometric Project Gives Millions of Indians an ID (X5)
Mastering incompetence so early is tricky. But the Tories have pulled it off
Maude to promote digital public sector
McAlpine and Petraeus: removing the illusions of Internet anonymity and privacy (x2)
Me, Myself and I: multi-faceted digital identities and accessing NHS services online
Meet the anti-imperialist ‘friends’ of Corbyn
Meet the new boss...
Meet Tim Draper: the L Ron Hubbard of Silicon Valley
Memo to Alan Johnson (X6)
Men fight over Bletchley Park: where women won the war.
Merger of data is a threat to us all (X4)
Metropolitan police goes live with mobile fingerprint scanners
MI5 playing into hands of ‘twerps like Assange’ (X2)
Michael Gove has found that Whitehall is a difficult beast to master
Midata sharing scheme must be mandatory for all firms claims MP
Midsummer madness (June 21, 2007 2:02 AM)
Midterm elections 2010: Prepare for a new American revolution
Mike Bracken's Keynote at CfA 2013 (X4)
Miliband always wanted Balls
Miliband's dilemma: Does he who wields the knife inherit the crown? (X3)
Miliband's talks: From Russia with civility (X2)
Miliband's World
‘Millions to rebel’ over ID cards (X2)
Mind how you walk. It could be a crime (March 26, 2007 10:12 AM and 3:40 PM)
Minimum pricing is illegal - the details
Minister to sew up new NPfIT deals ahead of general election?
Ministers to be given say in civil service appraisals (X4)
Ministers v Whitehall: Don't let the politicians duck their responsibility (X2)
Misleading press releases
Misplaced mistrust
Mixed messages: "Get Online Week" v. "National Identity Fraud Prevention Week"
Mobile’s role in bridging the digital divide
Mobile identity
Mobile location data identifies individuals
Mobile phones are indispensable in peacebuilding
MoD staff who misled the public should be exposed
Morally taxed
More NPfIT craziness? (X2)
MP confronts Health CIO over new NPfIT deal with CSC
MP responds to our campaign on £265m extra spend on Siemens passport IT contract
MPs 'alarmed' by millions of mugshots on Brit cops' databases
MPs censure top civil servant on ‘failure’ to tackle migrant issue
MPs get proof of destroyed ID scheme
MPs have their hands tied
MPs must act now to set limits on snooping (X5)
MPs to publish report on Govt IT rip-offs – “time for a new approach”
MPs' expenses and the limits of power
MPs' expenses: Weak at Westminster (X9)
MP warns Health CIO: don't sign NHS IT deals with CSC or BT for now
Mr Brown's getting a grip on Number 10, but not on voters
Mr Cameron can't be caught naked in front of the voters
Mr. Gronmark’s Feeling For Snow (X3)
Mr Stalin goes to Ireland
Murder, mystery and heroics - my all-time favourite story songs (X2)
Must diarise: Verify ID system will 'definitely' work by 2016
My £1m idea: the vote
My advice to David on the ContactPoint memo blunder
My completely unscientific prediction of today's elections (X2)
My thanks to the royal couple for annoying the hell out of liberals
Nasty and Nicey, a recipe for Tory disaster
National security: Freedom and orders (X2)
Nature’s law? No guide to the nature of life
Nazi slurs diminish David Miliband
Nearly 9 million have never been online
Nelson's column (24 May 2007 18:24:31)
Nepotism? No, it’s just good parenting
Never mind real names, what about real faces
Next-generation super ID card on the cards for 2012 (X3)
Next government needs quality, not equality
New bill would require public companies to disclose cybersecurity credentials
New fear of major ID con
New government: Principle over expediency
New iPhone: leaked pictures reinforce rumours of fingerprint sensor
New politics: Change of state (X9)
News Corporation: Business as usual?
Newsflash: the BBC discovers government waste
Newsnight: Monday, January 14, 2008
Newsweek Scotland: Thinking aloud (iPlayer)
NHS CEO tries to keep NPfIT alive
NHS chiefs' claims exposed: GP-data-grab boss claimed fattest expenses of the lot
NHS claws back £1.8bn from IT project fiasco
NHS cyber attack: Jeremy Hunt ignored repeated warnings over system vulnerability
NHS fatcats take pay offs - then come back for more
NHS IT boss walks out and steps back (X4)
NHS IT supplier “corrects” Health CIO’s statements
NHS supplier seeks to "correct" Health CIO's evidence to MPs
Nick Clegg: I could work with Labour, just not Gordon Brown
Nick Clegg is about to get squeezed out (X3)
Nick Clegg sees Labour as a dead party (X2)
Nick Clegg will need a lot more than voices from God
Nick Robinson: The truth about your money – and how government wastes it
No 10's online EU vote signup crash 'inevitable' – GDS overseer (X8)
No compromise for old men
No harm in being wrong, sometimes
No hiding place - facial biometrics will ID you, RSN
No internment (July 16, 2007 1:25 AM)
No, Britain does not want proportional representation
No, iPhone location tracking isn't harmless and here's why
No Left Turn
No limits on freedom of information? What about the 13 pages of exemptions (X4)
No, Minister: Whitehall in ‘worst’ crisis (X2)
No need for UK economy 'Plan B' but let's suspend the foreign aid budget
No need to fear a database society (X5)
No sign of NHS-ID System linkage discussions (X4)
No smoke without fire in this EU nightmare (X2)
No taxation without services: can the final third also drop out of Income Tax? (X2)
Nonsensical excuses for Labour failure (X6)
Northerners give up ID cards for Lent figures suggest
Nosy Brit cops demand access to comms data EVERY TWO MINUTES
Not so suicidal after all
Notting Hill Carnival spycams: Met Police rolls out real-time live face-spotting tech
Now Brown can rediscover his natural political fire (X2)
Now David Cameron has to explain the rewards for all that pain
Now for ID cards - and the biometric blues (X11)
Now give select committees real power
Now we know why UK spooks simply shrugged at SSL encryption
Now, it’s the internet; then it was Miff Smiff - I’ve had the best of both worlds
No2ID (X2,800)
No2ID to Advocate No2Labour Tactical Voting (X2)
NPfIT – criminal incompetence says The Times (X2)
NPfIT to be “dismantled” – brick by brick
Nudge Unit flies into Nesta's arms: Is the hype justified?
Number 10 orders data security review
Number of biometric residence permits to double
O Rly? O'Reilly exits direct book sales
O'Donnell for Bank of England governor?
O'Donnell told PM: ''Rein in your PR people''
Obama could draw students away from UK
Observer Pulls Splash After Source Turns Out to Be 9/11 Truther
Off the Rails
Office Politics
Officials ‘strong-armed’ border chief to back Theresa May (X3)
Officials pay supplier invoices – then raise purchase orders
Oh, the joy of Gordon Brown's political humiliation
Oh! What a Lovely War on Terror - it's the number the arms dealers love (September 14, 2007 9:49 AM, 10:36 AM)
Oldham byelection may give all three main parties a kick
On its way: A Google-free, NSA-free IT infrastructure for Europe
On Mike
On the Genealogy of Morals part 2: The slave morality (X11)
On the Genealogy of Morals, part 3: The birth of the übermensch (X7)
On the Genealogy of Morals, part 4: Is Christianity cowardly? (X3)
On the Genealogy of Morals, part 5: Breaking the cycle of conflict (X9)
Once again, Gordon Brown has shown he is in thrall to the City (X2)
One million stolen bank cards for sale on fraud site
One thing is bugging me about this News of the World phone-hacking scandal
One thing unites Brown and Cameron: fear of 100 Borises (X2)
One week in, I don't know who David Cameron really is (X6)
Online analysis (03:51 PM on 28 Sep 2007)
Online Crime
Online passport systems to get boost
Only Alan Johnson can prevent catastrophe
Only the band of Miliband brothers can save Labour
Open letter to the McCain team on media bias
Open Source Digital Voting Foundation (X4)
Open up the database state (X3)
Open your eyes and imagine you are in Italy . . .
Opinion: Angela Epstein, 3 December 2009 (X3)
Opinion: Angela Epstein, 10 May 2010 (X3)
Opinion: Angela Epstein, 2 June 2010
Opinion: The questions G-Cloud seems not able to answer
Oppressed snappers focus on police in London and Chatham
Oracle chief Mark Hurd dismisses cloud concerns (X2)
Orwell should have his statue at the BBC
Osborne’s lesson in getting away with murder
Our borders will be more secure with a new approach to risk (X6)
Our data is already online (X8)
Our freedoms are being severely curtailed
Our ID card service is first-rate
Our information doesn't belong to them (X4)
Our register: advice on protecting your personal information (X2)
Our spooks still depend on a cloak of secrecy
Our state collects more data than the Stasi ever did. We need to fight back (X9)
Out for what they can get (X2)
Out of crisis comes an opportunity for change
Out with President George W Bush goes the war on terror - hurrah!
Out-thought by the Tories (X3)
Outgoing Government CIO says re-compete top 200 jobs
Paedophile rapists: why does logic fly out the window when race is involved? (X12)
PAF! MPs go postal over postal location data sell-off by (X6)
Pandora's box of bugs
Parking fines via CCTV to force drivers to obey (X2)
Parliament has become the worst enemy of free speech
Parliamentary expenses: House of cards (X6)
Pass the bourbon and I’ll pour you a hard shot of truth about the EU
Passport Control (X2)
Passport scheme: Citizen Woolas
Patient records go online in data 'cloud' (X6)
Peace and goodwill to all
Peers warn against rushing 'enhanced' DATA SLURP powers through Parliament
Pedals and wheel in that Google robo-car or it's off the road – Cali DMV (X2)
Pensions in £2.9bn rescue
Perhaps I'm out of step and Britons just don't think privacy is important
Personal data: who gets what
Personal data innovation lab seeks apps that empower customers
Personality obsession may end Gordon Brown
Persuading Us to be Good
Peter Mandelson is telling half the oligarch story; ID cards will be next Labour deception
Peter Oborne on conservativism
Phil Woolas faces ejection as an MP
Philip Hammond’s NICs U-turn has blown his credibility as Chancellor
Phones talk (X3)
Phorm and the voice of moral athority
Phone bills 'will rise' to pay for database
Phone hacking scandal: enemies of free press are circling
Phone hacking: let's break up this information cartel
Pig ignorant, two-bit columnist of the month
Pitchforks at dawn! UK gov's Verify ID service FAILS to verify ID (X2)
Pity poor washed-up me, suffocated by washbags
Pity voters deceived by the Pied Pipers of Brexit
Plan to ‘hijack’ bus passes as ID cards (11:58pm Tue 23 Oct 07, 9:31am and 10:13am on Thu 25 Oct 07)
PM insists he's committed to localism
PM refuses to pass judgment on Baroness
PM's 'low morale' Bank rift
Police alert over airport derision (X6)
Police e-crime units stretched 'thin'
Police funding sums are totally wrong, Home Office admits
Police will use new device to take fingerprints in street (x5)
Policy shouldn't be decided by those who shout loudest
Political reform: Promises lacking promise (X2)
Poll suggests ID scheme opposition
Polling day weather: When the sun wins it
'Post Office workers can't spot ID card fraudsters' (X3 out of 4)
Post offices can kickstart Labour's radical agenda (x3)
Postcodes, PAF and Pseudonymisation
Potentially a great day for the Tories - if the LibDems say no!
Power beckons for the Tories, but are they ready for it?
Power to the people (X3)
Practical tests for ID card scheme
Precious liberty (X6)
Pressure group aghast at Hillingdon ID card scheme
Prime Minister to be questioned next week on CSC's NHS IT deal
Privacy activists don’t speak for most of us
Privacy Matters
Privacy-enhancing anti-technology in Europe
Private firm may track all email and calls
Progress in blue (X2)
“Progressives” wrecked our economy - now for universities
Project Stork
Public services: The rise and fall of the state (X4)
Putin's peril
Puzzle of the state-obsessed left (X2)
Ransomware plague exposes irrelevance of GDPR
Raoul Moat page reaction shows PM doesn't get social media
REAL ID Revolt Spreads to 33 States
Real Time Identity?
Record Losses (X2)
Redundancies for ID card workers (X2)
Reflections on the Wikileak of the Benighted Scheme’s NDA (X9)
Registered to vote? Computer says no…
Registers: authoritative lists you can trust (X2)
Reid's double-talk will hit security (March 30, 2007 1:01 AM)
Remember 1983? I warn you that a Cameron victory will be just as bad (X5)
Remembering Tiananmen (X4)
Removing the state from Dr Rowan Williams
Rescind President Obama's 'Transparency Award' now
Reshuffle in haste, Mr Cameron, and you will repent at leisure (X6)
Return to Westminster
Revolt over Labour’s raid on its local party assets
Rhythm and Blues: the grown-up music that made everything else possible
Right-wingers stay right because, to quote Mrs. T, “the facts of life are conservative”
Risk to abuse victims of national ID registration (see also)
Risk-free, thank you very much (X4)
Robert Conquest - a hero of the Right who got right up lefties’ noses (X2)
Roman circus
Routine fingerprinting at Heathrow provokes outrage (X5)
Rule by Office
Rule of law, not lawyers, is what matters most
Rules won't help in love or money
Safe from terrorism, but not from the police (X2)
Safe in our cages (X12), What do you want to talk about? (X2)
Safran grossit dans les papiers d'identité et la biométrie
Sathnam is wrong about Shami (X2)
Saudi BlackBerry messaging ban: security or snooping? (X3)
Save English football! Do absolutely nothing!
Say what? Ahmadinejad's new post
Schooling for tolerance (X6)
Scientist v statesman: who can call the battle of the bicentennial men?
Scientists advise, politicians decide
Scientists will end delays at passport control with biometric border scanner (X2)
Scot Nationalists' march on Westminster may be GOOD for UK IT
Scotland's civil service head accused of bias
Scottish government consultation on privacy and ID
Scrapping biometric passports to save £134m
Scrapping ID cards is a momentous step (X2)
Searching Questions
Sebelius says 'Obamacare website never crashed'. Obamacare website promptly crashes
Secrecy and Privacy
Secrecy laws 'don't harm the work of ministers', says information commissioner
Security and ContactPoint: perception is all
Security is on the cards (Comment no. 573969, 574352)
Security policies under a cloud
Selling biometrics
Selling biometrics to the masses
Semi-detached Digby
Send Blair to be Our Man in Baghdad (May 3, 2007 11:17 AM)
Shameless self-promotion (X5)
Share your GP data. Lives could depend on it (X6)
Sharia courts? Get off your knees, Archbishop
Sharing all our personal data is stupid and dangerous
Shifting to the right
Shifting to the right
Should Conservatives be in favour of pre-legislative referendums?
Shocking news – there might be some proper Tories in No 10
Should the Tories return to traditional values? (September 4, 2007 9:24 AM)
Shouldn’t David Nicholson stay?
*SIGH* The return of the annual tax return un-ideal government (X3)
Silly questions nose out what politicians are really like (X3)
Simon Heffer on UKIP: how can he not get it? (24 Jan 2007 14:30:57)
Simon Heffer's People of the World in 2008
Simplicity itself (May 9, 2007 1:40 AM)
c.f. Cameron raises his standard in the battle of ideas
Situation Vacant
Situation vacant: a theorist is sought to succeed Mr Keynes
Sir Gus: ''Civil servants aren't fat cats''
Sir Gus O’Donnell’s role in our economic crisis: David Moss points the finger
Sir Humphrey rules. It is sad, not funny
Sir Humphrey would never let his minister be ambushed by Gurkhas (X4)
Sir Menzies Campbell wasn’ t too old. He was too old-fashioned
Sir Mervyn King admits: we did too little to warn of economic crisis
Six reasons why I’m an uber-moderniser
Six-year-olds fingerprinted by Britain (X10)
Sky spies
Slander-as-a-service: Peeple app wants people to rate and review you – whether you like it or not
Slave to the system (X2)
Slides from a public health conference
Smoke Free
So, how do the parties match up on protecting our freedom? (X5)
So leftwingers support this inheritance plan?
So many of the Government's wounds are self-inflicted
So what we do when ID Cards 1.0 finally dies?
So what’s new?
Some U-turns are good, Gordon Brown (October 15, 2007 1:51 AM)
Something odd is happening to Britain's once superb Civil Service
Son of supergrass
Sony hackers taunt FBI as Kim gloats
Spain divided as bomb trial begins
SPASMSiCCRAAPRCOM: making future episodes of data loss nigh-on impossible
Speaker cornered (X4)
Speed demons
Spies come in from the cold (X2)
Spies, secrets and smart-phones
Splash! Principle has been chucked overboard
Spooks are too vital to be given this much power and funding (X3)
Spy chiefs are planning national firewall to protect every home
Spying on 60 million people doesn't add up
St Neots Community College
Stakes are far too high for Westminster sleaze
Startle us with your boldness Gordon Brown, you've nothing to lose
Stats should be 'boring': Sir Gus
Step away from my bank statement, Polly Toynbee
Steve Hilton: an insider's insider (X2)
Steve Hilton’s gone, but Whitehall won’t forget him (X3)
Sticking to the script – nothing is possible
Stop excluding vulnerable Brits from digital agenda - MPs
Stop snooping, internet pioneer tells the West (X2)
Stop sexing up IT and give Civil Servants Macs, says gov tech boss
Stopping ID cards (15)
Storing up trouble
Stork electronic ID network takes off
Straws in the wind
Strong protection is vital to keep a force for good
Sturgeon warns of new referendum
'Success'? Verify FAILED for 40% in self-assess tax trial
Summary Care Record – an NPfIT success?
Surprising nobody, lawyers line up to sue the crap out of Equifax
Surveillance is really getting under my skin (November 20, 2006 2:00 PM, November 21, 2006 4:10 PM)
Surveillance state (X4)
Surveillance Works (X3)
Symbolic and illogical (X2)
Sympathy for Straw should be limited
T5 is a national disgrace (see also)
Take This (X5)
Taking a punt on Identity Assurance
Taking evidence seriously (X2)
Talk of split over future of GDS "overstated", says Jeremy Heywood
Tanks for the memory
Taunt them. Humiliate them. Kick them
Taxing Credibility
TaxPayers’ Alliance names and shames the ministers increasing (and decreasing) the size of their Whitehall empires
Teenage sex crisis 'due to drink and drugs' (June 15, 2007 2:52 AM)
Telcos may seek PMO nod to use Aadhaar biometric database to speed up subscriber verification
Temper temper
Ten reasons why conservatives should take Edward Snowden seriously
Ten Surprises in NAO report on Digital Government Services
Terrible price of our porous borders (July 9, 2007 1:23 AM)
Terror detention: Is our liberty or the PM's authority more important? (X4)
Terrorism: In the face of fear
Terrorism is not the only mega threat
Terrorist detectors for every UK airport (X4)
Terrorised by Fanatic Tony
Tesco’s to “Issue ID Cards”?
Thank Newsnight it's Friday
Thanks to the cuts, we'd all be better off in prison
Thatcher would never treat the voters like idiots
The 'Heseltine moment' of truth (X4)
The 10p crisis's biggest loser (X3)
The 12-step programme
The advice Lord Browne should have received
The Andy Coulson affair raises the question – who runs Britain? (X4)
The Arctic Monkeys strategy (23 Jun 2007 10:24:37, 4 Jul 2007 18:41:01 )
The art of manipulation: when people become mere pawns in a game
The barefaced greed of bankers and their bonuses beggars belief
The BBC's Space: A short history of 21st Century indoor relief
The 'big society': it's a funny thing but Cameron's on to something
The biggest problem for the Liberal Democrats is illiberal Britain
The biometrics bag no longer contains the cat
The Blair memo and why it matters
The blunders of their government: what can we learn from the problems of Obamacare? (X2)
The British primaries?
The challenge facing David Cameron has changed (X2)
The civil service is not full of fat cats
The Civil Service may need a shake-up
The class war is over - do tell Labour
The claws are out in the Labour Party (X2)
The coalition government: Sweetening the pill
The coalition's phoney war is an exercise in political fraud
The collapse of Royal Mail would be an utter disaster (X3)
The conservative case against Iain Duncan Smith
The Conservatives have had an easy ride. That has to stop
The Consumer Data Revolt Is Coming
The corporate kleptomaniacs (X2)
The curious pursuit of the honourable Peter Hain
The Damian Green affair – another reason Speaker Martin and Jacqui Smith had to go
The dam's burst. Now voters just want to wallop Labour
The Dark Corner
The Dawning of the Biometric Age (X3)
The death throes of 20th-century ideology (X4)
The decline of the north will victimise more generations (X7)
The defibrillator worked - now for the intensive care (X5)
The DH documents that mock open government (X2)
The Difference Engine: Dubious security (X5)
The digital beauty of GDS (Government Digital Service)
The economy: Politicians and the semi-slump
The end of capitalism? No, just another burst bubble (X10)
The euro: happy new year? Fat chance
The evidence is clear – but not at Whitehall
The facts you need before the PBR (X6)
The faulty memory of Gordon Brown (X3)
The focus on biometrics in the mass market (X2)
The Forsyth saga
The Freedom Bill is a step back to sanity
The freedoms missing from a 'vision' of liberty
The funniest headline in the Tory debate
The funniest – and unfunniest - comedy films of all time tend to be parodies (X2)
The fuss over the Damian Green affair has been excessive. Parliamentary democracy is not at risk (X4)
The future is even blacker for Gordon Brown's party than it seems
The future of Government IT? (X3)
The geeky revolution that will change our lives (X3)
The great Britney and Barack Obama video (X2)
The Government is spinning in circles
The government once more treats us like Big Babies
The Government should give a realistic commitment to Agile
The greatest-ever TV whodunit just ended - thank you, Denmark!
the Guardian's coverage of government surveillance
The historic struggle for liberty (X4)
The Home Office's broken biometrics (X6)
The horror of the ID card system (X2)
The horror of virtual courts is upon us
The House of Lords report: a devastating analysis (X2)
The iCloud just works ... but in whose favour?
The ID System: brainstorming the FAQs (X2)
The illegal e-Borders disaster
The importance of insanely cheerful music
The impulse purchase of biometrics systems
The Indian experiment is not for us
The inexact and expensive science of airport security
The internet is down (X2)
The kamikaze approach to the "war on terror"
The kindest cut (X3)
The kindly words of Nudge are Cameron's ideal veneer (X2)
The Left is good at one thing: rewriting history
The left should recognise that equality is undesirable (X2)
The left-leaning voter's paradox: for a radical change, go the same old way (X2)
The Lib Dems face a clear choice: get radical or fudge into eternal decline (X3)
The Lib Dems should stand up and be counted
The Liberal Democrats are a bunch of wankers - let me explain... (X2)
The long shot
The long sleepwalk from freedom
The longer arm of the law
The magic number
The manifestos talk of the future. But this campaign is all about the 1980s
The march of 1,000 miles begins …
The Marsham St Book of Festive Yuletide Carols – II (X2)
The mistakes of war
The mobile future
The more Brodie Clark speaks, the more he helps Theresa May
The most annoying film actors of all time
The national ID register will leak like a battered bucket (X4)
The need to rebuild identity integrity and democratic accountability (X2)
The new default: what can we learn from efforts to open up policy making
The New Radicals
The new totalitarianism of surveillance technology
The NHS: Britain and America are both right
The obsession with swing voters is strangling politics
The paperless office? Don’t talk sheet
The pendulum will swing from Tory axe to Labour spending. But how fast?
The perils of outdoor music - and why opera companies should get a room
The plodding pace of change
The political class can't face up to the scale of this crisis (X3)
The politics of identity (X5)
The politics of nudging (X13)
The Politics of Security in a Democracy
The problem with David Cameron's 'big society' is that the Tories don't buy it
The public sector should be smarter, not just smaller
The public wants a ceasefire, so let's give peace a chance (X2)
The pursuit of happiness is a fool's errand
The question of Intention
The real-life Sir Humphrey who has survived four PMs
The real reasons why Blair is still clinging on (February 6, 2007 1:27 PM)
The return of the Jedi: the transformational government team reassembles (X6)
The Revenue’s Customs (X3)
The right conspires to hide it, but this is no classless society (X11)
The Right to Roam
The Right won on economics. Now for Act II (X7)
The rise of Miliband brings at last the prospect of an atheist prime minister (X14)
The Rolls-Royce has become an Italian tank (X5)
The second lever (X2)
The secret’s out: GCHQ spies are urged to open Facebook
The shameful confessions of an ill-read man
The significance of the Identity Assurance programme
The simple case for modernising (X2)
The state should be exposing the cyber-snoops, not joining them (X2)
The state we could be in
The Steve Jobs of supercomputers: We remember Seymour Cray
The storm hits Europe (X2)
"The Strategy was flawless, but I could not get anything done."
The threat from terrorism does not justify slicing away our freedoms (X3)
The tide has turned
The Tories are foreign-policy lightweights (X3)
The Tories have shown they are irrelevant to this crisis (X5)
The triumph and tragedy of the Overlord of New Labour (X2)
The Twitters of Sir Bonar Neville-Kingdom
The Unacceptable
The #unacceptable 1 year on…
The unacknowledged giant
The unavoidable truths about GovIT – by Cabinet Office official
The unbreakable partnership: Gordon Brown goes to bat for Ed Balls (X3)
The unavoidable truths about GovIT – by Cabinet Office official
The unions' Labour-saving devices
The voucher business (X2)
The way of the future (Jun 21 2007 09:56 AM)
The weasels of ‘free speech’ need strangling
The Welfare State, 1942-2013, obituary
The 'what if' approach to airport security is here to stay (X4)
The Wiki Man: The cover-up instinct
The Worst Book Ever? (X2)
Theology's unintended consequences (x5)
Theory and reality
There for the taking
There is no Northern Rock rescue for subprime savers
There’s a cloud on Oracle’s horizon and the boss could not be happier
There's a new divide in politics, and Cameron is on the better side of it (X4)
There's always another option
There’s nothing social about social media
There would be no bonuses at my bank
Theresa May plays a familiar part in the farce of border control (X2)
Theresa May’s attempts to pass the buck make for a distressing spectacle (X3)
These astroturf libertarians are the real threat to internet democracy
These tax scams are all legal – that's morally repugnant (X2)
They all seemed harmless in Davos
They can't even cook their own books
Think-tank urges Whitehall shake-up
This assumption of guilt gives me the creeps (X2)
This border skirmish is about far more than immigration
This contest can keep alive Labour's sense of possibility
This damning verdict on the snooper's charter is the start of a longer battle
This era of post-privacy is made for ID cards
This expenses shame crowns Labour's failure on fairness
This government has been the most rightwing since the second world war
This is a nudge in the wrong direction
This is no ripping yarn, but a murder to fan more conflict
This isn’t Fox: the Movie. It’s messy, real life
This Lib Dem myth
This outrage over hacking is hugely overblown (X2)
This pansy-ass limey Brit won't butt out — the US election is our business
This pleb jibe exposes the Tories' Flashman thinking
This volcanic eruption has been waiting to blow for many years (X3)
This voting revolution leads back to the arms of the Westminster club (X2)
This was the week that Labour's leaders left social democracy for dead (October 12, 2007 12:38 PM)
This would make the Gestapo proud
This year's other Whitehall scandals
Those “Bambi” moments - movies that make us cry
Those good ol' smokin' days (X7)
Threat to vaping is a backward step for UK (X5)
Three early warning signs that you've fallen victim to identity theft
Three strikes and Labour's out (X3)
Through coalition, Nick Clegg chose glory in death (X3)
Time for a hysterical overreaction
Time for GCHQ to come out of the shadows
Time for online users to devise a transparent internet we all could trust (X2)
Time to say what we want from government IT
Timely reassurance over Gateway access details (X2)
Timing is everything
Tinker, tailor, soldier... and a central banker
TJX says 45.7 million card numbers stolen
To avoid big IT catastrophes, follow Darwin
To run or not to run
To sell your soul, press return
To throw the enemy the chancellor's head would be utterly in vain (X8)
To us, it's an obscure shift of tax law. To the City, it's the heist of the century (X13)
Today in Times Comment (22 Jan 2007 17:36:57)
Toffs and Foreigners
Tokens, For You, From Issuers
Tony Blair has changed - he's abandoned New Labour (2 Feb 2007 13:58:24, 14 Apr 2007 10:21:18 )
Tony Blair has changed - he's abandoned New Labour (2 Feb 2007 13:58:24, 14 Apr 2007 10:21:18 )
Tony Blair: success or failure?
Too much information
Top 10 things Brown should expect (X4)
Top secret – eat after reading
Tories announce £1m competition for large-scale crowdsourcing platform (X4)
Tories back rescue but we all pay price of failure
Tories can win with tax breaks (May 9, 2007 2:09 AM)
c.f. Cameron raises his standard in the battle of ideas
Tories fuel further debate on ID cards
Tories must not be ashamed of their history (September 4, 2007 11:19 AM)
Tories promise 10,000 strong border police as alternative to ID cards (February 28, 2007 at 14:34)
Tories reach out but face some hard questions (X5)
Tories: there is nothing wrong with being Right (October 1, 2007 8:27 AM)
Tories unveil border police plans
Tories who would rather lose than change (January 14, 2007 1:21 AM)
Tory candidate suspended for linking Nazism and Socialism
Tory ministers are now simply taking the piss
Tradition is the next big idea in politics. But why stop at banking?
Trendy left in a tizz over Assange (X2)
Triumph of those who dare to resist violence
True lies of biometric technology in Aadhaar enrolment (X5)
Trust in your local library (X2)
Truth? Give me cheats and fibbers any day
Truths, half-truths and reports on big Gov't IT projects
Tubular bells and whistles
Turkish Thoughts: Memories of the Wapping strike
Two heads not necessarily better than one
Two UK airports scrap IRIS eye-scanners (X4)
Tying the knot? For you, we promise £5,000 (X4)
Tyranny’s Terminus
U-turns and the truth (X4)
UC statistics (X4)
UID – “The Unique Indian Donkey”
UIDAI dismisses doubts over accuracy of unique ID system
UK government names Cloud Foundry Her Majesty's preferred PaaS (X3)
UK government, NHS and Windows XP support - what really happened digital boss defends ID assurance scheme digital engagement director to retire doesn't know its IT spend – but insists it will spend less needs fresh law to protect taxpayers' ID shuns IT support tower model. Now what the hell do we do?'s 'public data' wagon spews out civil service lists (X3) You didn't trust us with your ID, so we gave it to private biz
UK ID Card Fairy Land
UK ID card procurement likely to start in June [2007]
UK Border Agency shames our nation
UK gov publishes IT action plan to back up previous IT plan (X2)
UK Government Digital Service links with Australia's Digital Transformation Office
UK government suggests using Facebook as part of a national ID assurance scheme!
UK govt steams ahead with £5m facial recog system amid furore over innocents' mugshots
UK now part of another Euro data-spaff scheme
UK passport updated with iconic scenes to beat the forgers
UK public auditor, scourge of tax-dodging big biz, hosts its site on ... Amazon (X3)
UK Tourism Strategy: Airport waiting times exposed
#Unacceptable IT is pervasive (X10)
Uncivil Service
United States 'is top source of online crime'
Universal Credit: Why is Major Projects Authority silent? Where is the Treasury approval promised to MPs just weeks ago?
Universal Credit internal report – now published
Universal Credit's ‘digital by default’ ditched
Unrecognised iris
Unlocking Fingerprints (Aug 28, 2006 5:08:44 AM, Aug 31, 2006 5:04:58 PM)
Up close and personal (X2)
Up close and personal (X2)
Up to 44m Britons at risk in Equifax cyberattack
US proposes online IDs for Americans (X2)
US Senators hope to crack down on the trade of private information
US web traffic 'hijacked by China'
Using a Sledgehammer (X2)
Using a Sledgehammer (X2)
Using biometrics in development: lessons and challenges
Verizon, Experian and pals bag £25m to inspect Brits' identities for UK gov
Verizon fined just $1.4m for stalker supercookies
Vince Cable and co have to fight their corner – or walk away
Virtual IDs for everyone (X12)
Virtual policing
Visa applications over the phone (X3)
Visit to Safran
Vodafone's law: mass surveillance = mass apathy
Voluntary identity cards are a myth (X5)
Vordick durch Sprungtek
Vote for change (X2)
Voter registration
Voters support an EU referendum (X7)
VOTERS! This Election: Vote #Smart, Vote #Digital
Wanted: an election challenger
Wanted: one governor, two different skill sets (X2)
'War on terror' was wrong
Warning flags were raised over GDS farm payments system – yet it still failed (x2)
Was Churchill wrong in 1940?
Was Gordon in on Smith's secret? (X3)
Wash the dirty Whitehall linen in private, minister
Wayne Rooney leaving Manchester United and signing for Chelsea would be a step down, says Ray Wilkins (X3)
We are about to take the war against terror to a new level
We are living in a digital goldfish bowl and I can't quite bury my qualms
We are the watchers. We help you (Comments deleted when Times website upgraded but available here)
We can’t have a Tea Party - but we could take over the Lib-Dems! (X4)
We don't need ID cards (Comment no. 285516, 287301)
We face a terrible threat – so storing my dull, private details is no big deal (Comments deleted when Times website upgraded but available here)
We make life too easy for online fraudsters
We must not tolerate this putsch against our freedoms
We must put our databases in order (X2)
We must tackle this judicial crisis at heart of the EU
We Need a Human Bar Code
We need a Thinker Royal, not a Poet Laureate
We need digital IDs to beat cyber fraudsters
We need ID cards to secure our borders and ease modern life (November 6, 2006 3:09 PM)
We need identity cards, and soon
We need more than fine words on torture (X5)
We need to be warned about the pain to come (X2)
We rage at Hain and Conway but miss the real profligacy (X3)
We refuse to be ID card guinea pigs (X11)
We should start standing up to China
We should take more notice of this woman at the top
We should turn Britain into a tax haven
‘We thought Google was the future but it’s becoming Big Brother’ (X3)
We trusted this country. Look how it treats us (X7)
'We were sleepwalking into a disaster' (X2)
Web freedom faces greatest threat ever, warns Google's Sergey Brin (X3)
Wednesday's comment from the papers in... (16 May 2007 12:48:24)
c.f. Car wrecks and Hutus: a guide to good conduct
Welcome to a new era: the politics of ‘but’ (X3)
Welcome to life under Nick Clegg
Welfare state: don't let the poor pay the price for the deficit (X3)
We'll be able to sign up for ID cards at Tesco (X11)
We'll get to love ID cards (X8)
Well, yes, withdrawing cash is suspicious
We're not fundamentalists - personal information deserves respect (X2)
We’re too soft. Bring in the army and ID cards (X2)
We’re wasting billions. Let’s break the habit (X7)
We've been sold short
We’ve sold our souls and our secrets for an iPhone
What age should you take your child to football?
What Britain needs is unreasonable people (X3)
What did the blockchain ever do for us?
What did the PM say to convince Admiral West?
What do you want in Wednesday's programme? (##14 and 23)
What Facebook fails to recognise (X5)
What happened to the Crosby Review? (X4)
What if companies gave me control of my data? (X8)
What is driving the evolution of ID policy?
What is the difference between the Cities Of Westminster and London
What is the future of the fourth estate?
What is the point of a national ID card?
What it takes to be sure of a long stay in No10
What pushed voters away from Gordon Brown?
What really drove Gordon and Peter back together again
What rubbish, Sir Simon! Our intelligence agencies are not outside the law (X2)
What should America turn to for web advice? That's right: GOV.UK – says ex-Obama IT guru (X4)
What the Conservatives should do about Europe
What the Inland Revenue forgot to lecture on
What we can learn from Victorian 'hypocrisy' (X2)
What we’ll miss in Steve Hilton’s gap year
What's in a name? 10 cases where moniker maketh man
What's next? Lost ID cards? (X4)
What's riding on a Sarkozy victory? (20 Mar 2007 13:09:32 and 21 Mar 2007 12:17:20)
What’s the legal basis for criticising govenment documents in the contempory UK?
What's Up With the British?
What's wrong with Lloyds' takeover of HBOS? Just follow your nose
What's your biggest hope for Obama?
Whatever gets the Best Picture Oscar this year - it won’t be because it actually is!
When are our parents going to get back and stop all this bloody nonsense? (X3)
When it comes to Sir Peter Housden, we have a problem
When old dogmas die, there is room for all kinds of radical new thinking
When should we commemorate the centenary of cyberwarfare - or has it already passed?
When Whitehall shuns statutory scrutiny
Whisper it – democracy is at risk (X5)
Whistleblowing or misconduct? (X2)
White Man’s Overbite - my Top ten “dancing Dad” records
Whitehall: high hopes
Whitehall chiefs Bob Kerslake and Jeremy Heywood split the back-seat driving
Whitehall forced to call in the experts
Whitehall has its head stuck in the cloud (X3)
Whitehall mandarins must stop being so defensive
Whitehall must not hide its wasted millions (X3)
Whitehall shake-up – not all good news
Whitehall to launch son-of-NPfIT scheme within weeks
Whitehall wants to know too much about us
Who are the most influential American liberals?
WHO bans whole countries from its jamboree
Who do you think you are?
Who else has mislaid their data? (X2)
Who is Jack kidding? (X5)
Who'll stand up for liberty in Britain?
Who’ll support the NPfIT now? (X3)
Who paid for letting Colin Hatch out of prison - except the child he killed?
Who really governs?
Who runs UK? 'Tories, Lib Dems and Google' says Labour
Who wants to be a senior civil servant? (X3)
Who will cure ministers of illiberal headline addiction?
Who will have the courage to be Labour's Geoffrey Howe?
Who will stay the course in the ID card bidding race?
Who will win the election? Facebook fills us in (4 Oct 2007 13:44:32)
Who would trust Labour on ID card security?
Whose child is it anyway?
Why abhor Tories when they do it themselves? (September 5, 2007 11:21 AM)
Why are our systems so vulnerable: the cybersecurity bandwagon (X2)
Why are senior staff fleeing the Government Digital Service?
Why are we really overweight? (X2)
Why aren’t we allowed to use the word “Oriental” any longer?
Why Brown is safer than you think
Why business is wasting time playing politics (X6)
Why can't we take pictures of policemen? (X3)
Why David Cameron's support is important
Why David Davis is wrong
Why digital spells doom for the Left
Why do female bloggers make us angrier than their male equivalents?
Why do liberals always assume they know how to achieve stuff? (X3)
Why do utility providers see customers as enemies to be crushed? (X3)
Why do we need a committee to promote growth?
Why Ed Miliband may outdo David
Why GDS doesn't matter - the questions for UK digital government
Why George Orwell is as relevant today as ever
Why Gordon Brown should sign the EU Treaty
Why GovIT reform is so slow?
Why hackers and spooks want our heads in the cloud (X2)
Why have the Tories cancelled their conference this year?
Why Hillary won when the polls said she would lose
Why history favours the bold outsider (April 10, 2007 12:40 AM)
Why Huggy Cameron has performed a vanishing act
Why I am standing against David Davis (X2)
Why I still rate Blunkett (X6)
Why I’m opposed to legalising assisted suicide (X2)
Why is Dublin the on-line capital of Europe ?
Why is Labour's attack on civil liberties a non-issue in this campaign?
Why isn’t Cameron 20 points ahead in the polls?
Why isn’t Universal Credit IT a disaster yet?
Why John Reid resigned
Why MI5 does not need more surveillance powers after the Paris attacks
Why Miliband doesn't have the qualities to be leader (X2)
Why my data is important data
Why propping up banks will not rescue a debauched financial system (X2)
Why the coalition is set to bring us a rise in crime (X4)
Why the Tories are now the party of fairness
Why the Tories can't follow the Lib Dems
Why we don't have high speed Sarkozys and TGVs
Why we need a referendum
Why we need to collect email data (X5)
WikiLeaks may make the powerful howl, but we are learning the truth (X7)
WikiLeaks: The man who kicked the hornet's nest (X2)
Will 2013 be the year when "putting people first" gets priority over "digital by default"?
Will Brown go? A rolling guide to news and insider gossip
Will David Cameron turn out to be a one-term wonder?
Will ID cards prevent identity fraud?
Will he fork out for the elderly or won’t he?
Will Nick Clegg tip the balance in British politics?
Will Scots be willing to carry identity cards? (X4)
Will the last ISP to leave the EU not switch off the Net?
Will this man be next Bank of England governor?
Will truth ever be told when things go wrong?
Will we be governed the Google way or Rupert Murdoch’s way?
William Blake's passionate humanity
William Cobbett: a Green guru?
William’s oxen may not be invited to Russell Square (X5)
Williams is dangerous. He must be resisted
Wimbledon round-up: men great, ladies rubbish, Roger and out (X10)
Wise up, there’s dosh in your personal data
Wishbone thinking
Witch-hunts then – and now
With MS funding, No2ID gains entry to EU eID group
Withdrawn ID card IT kit cost £6.5m
Witness anonymity: the price of justice
Wonder if this whole mobile thing will catch on or not? (X2)
Wonky women (X2)
World renowned academicians say level of uncertainty in biometrics is too high and UID tests prove nothing (X3)
Would Miliband's raft have floated?
Would you carry an ID card?
Yes to the cut-price passport - alias young persons ID card
Yesterday saw the birth of a great movement for liberty
Yes2ID 25 November cards, James Hall
Yes, it matters who leads the Lib Dems
Yes, minister, that really is your P45 that you're looking at
Yorkshire Post on ContactPoint
You All Look the Same to Me
You and your cost report
You can still get a record even if you are innocent (1½)
You can take a gift horse to water, but you can’t make it fill out an HMRC declaration (X4)
You couldn't make it up (X6)
You listened once, Dave. Now here's some more advice
You take the high road, he’s taken the no through road
You think the CLOUD's insecure? It's BETTER than UK.GOV's DATA CENTRES (X4)
You wanted the job, George Osborne (X13)
Yours faithfully
Zero case for lying (25 May 2007 15:40:45)
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