A question of identity*

23 April 2007
published by Whitehall and Westminster World,
the Civil Service network

'A question of identity' profiles the Identity and Passport Service:

The IPS was established as an executive agency of the Home Office last April. Hall has overall responsibility for the organisation, operation and management of the service, including the successful introduction of identity cards and the national identity scheme.
The scheme aims to provide a comprehensive and secure way of managing the personal identity data of all those who legally reside or work in the UK by helping secure our borders and tackle illegal immigration, prevent identity fraud and become a key defence in the fight against crime and terrorism. The scheme also aims to improve customer service, as it will make it possible to join up and personalise services across government departments, and the wider public sector.

It is followed by 10 essays, eight submitted between 1 and 16 July 2007, the ninth on 14 April 2008 and the tenth on 5 May 2008 as comments to the W&WW website, which question the ability of the National Identity Scheme to achieve its objectives.

* The article in question seems to have disappeared from the Whitehall & Westminster World website. There is a cached version here**.

** Not any more, there isn't. Here is a copy of the article, together with the first eight essays, the last two are lost to posterity.