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Logic and the Home Office
10 August 2009*

According to the Home Office, "the vision for the National Identity Scheme [ID cards, etc ...] is that it will become an essential part of everyday life, underpinning interactions and transactions between individuals, public services and businesses and supporting people to protect their identity".

Question 1: who said "I fully endorse the actions set out in this strategy and look forward to supporting their delivery"? (Answer: Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP)

Question 2: who said "I want the introduction of identity cards for all British citizens to be voluntary"? (Answer: Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP)

Since it is impossible for one man to believe 1. and 2. simultaneously, we must conclude that there are now two men doing the job of Home Secretary.

BCSL has written to both of them: and

Their responses are awaited.


* date corrected

About Business Consultancy Services Ltd (BCSL):
BCSL has operated as an IT consultancy since 1984. The past 6 years have been spent campaigning against the Home Office's plans to introduce ID cards into the UK. And against the useless plans for eBorders. It must now be admitted that the government are much better at convincing people that these plans are a bad idea than anyone else is, including BCSL.

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