Home Office
China (re Golden Shield)


Manchester, China
24 September 2008

The Home Office are conducting trials at Manchester Airport. Trials of biometrics based on facial recognition. Biometric technology that the Home Office know doesn't work. They know it doesn't work because their own advisor has told them.

So much for the war-torn UK, with its broken economy. Meanwhile, in rich-as-Croesus China, a "10 million faces test" is being conducted as part of their Operation Golden Shield.

Put 2 and 2 together we're being sold short, we could save money by simply waiting for the results of China's test. That's what BCSL says.

And it's not just facial recognition. The technology proposed by the Home Office for biometrics based on fingerprints doesn't work either. Why are they still pursuing it?


BCSL investigates ... but so far BCSL doesn't have a clue. There is no good reason to pursue it:

About Business Consultancy Services Ltd (BCSL):
BCSL has operated as an IT consultancy since 1984. The past five years have been spent campaigning against the Home Office's plans to introduce ID cards into the UK. It must now be admitted that the government are much better at convincing people that it's a bad idea than anyone else is, including BCSL.

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