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 Campaign for Freedom of Information08 Sep 2007
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 Transinteract06 Apr 2008
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AppealNetauto dialer and voice mail systems16 Feb 2003
AppealNetAuto Dialer Programs Lead Generation & Predictive Dialer Telemarketing Software16 Feb 2003
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AppealNetAuto diallers15 Feb 2003
AppealNetAutomated Phone Calls @ Low Prices!!15 Feb 2003
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AppealNetMake My Calls, Inc telecommunications solutions.16 Feb 2003
AppealNetUK police appeals17 Jan 2003
AppealNetUK police Crime Notification17 Jan 2003
BCSLDematerialised ID — Introduction05 Dec 2006
BCSLDematerialised ID - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia28 Dec 2006
Biometrics- RCG - Biometrics, RFID, Security31 Jan 2007
Biometrics‘Tesco jails’ and more DNA testing planned-News-UK-Crime-TimesOnline15 Mar 2007
Biometrics» Brown No Change to ID Card System30 Jun 2007
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Biometrics93_338_file.pdf30 May 2006
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Biometricsabst713-6.pdf09 Feb 2004
BiometricsAiming to catch criminals red-footed - Britain - Times Online10 Jul 2006
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BiometricsBAA Terminal 5 Terminal 5 trials27 Sep 2007
BiometricsBBC NEWS England Oxfordshire Husband flies with wife's passport17 Feb 2004
BiometricsBBC NEWS England West Yorkshire 'Earprint' man cleared of killing22 Jan 2004
BiometricsBBC NEWS Health How irises 'reveal personalities'19 Feb 2007
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BiometricsBBC NEWS Politics Asylum toddlers get fingerprinted16 May 2006
BiometricsBBC NEWS Politics DNA failings 'missed 183 crimes'17 May 2007
BiometricsBBC NEWS Politics ID trials reveal scan problems10 Dec 2006
BiometricsBBC NEWS Programmes File on 4 ID cards will give 'false' data14 Aug 2007
BiometricsBBC NEWS Programmes Panorama Fingerprints in the dock21 May 2006
BiometricsBBC NEWS Science-Nature Imaging tools to aid surveillance12 Sep 2007
BiometricsBBC NEWS Science-Nature Scientists warn of 'vocal terror'14 Sep 2007
BiometricsBBC News SCI-TECH Doubt cast on fingerprint security15 Mar 2007
BiometricsBBC NEWS Technology Credit cards tap into radio tags01 Apr 2004
BiometricsBBC NEWS Technology Facing a biometric future13 Jan 2004
BiometricsBBC NEWS Technology Police to fingerprint on streets22 Nov 2006
BiometricsBBC NEWS Technology Seamen sail into biometric future04 Nov 2004
BiometricsBBC NEWS Technology Testing the biometric facts27 Apr 2004
BiometricsBBC NEWS UK Biometric science arrives at Heathrow06 Dec 2006
BiometricsBBC NEWS UK Countdown to terminal's take-off27 Sep 2007
BiometricsBBC NEWS UK Crash halts police print checks26 Jun 2006
BiometricsBBC NEWS UK DNA database continues to swell04 Jan 2006
BiometricsBBC NEWS UK Doubts over passport face scans21 Oct 2004
BiometricsBBC NEWS UK Ear evidence gets a day in court16 Apr 2008
BiometricsBBC NEWS UK Heathrow fingerprint plan probed23 Mar 2008
BiometricsBBC NEWS UK 'I've got a biometric ID card'16 Aug 2004
BiometricsBBC NEWS UK Passengers test new face scanners19 Aug 2008
BiometricsBBC NEWS UK Passports face hi-tech scans29 Apr 2003
BiometricsBBC NEWS World Europe EU plans biometric border checks15 Feb 2008
BiometricsBeyond Fingerprinting Is Biometrics the Best Bet for Fighting Identity Theft Scientific American14 Sep 2008
BiometricsBiometric Consortium Fall '99 Conference at NIST - Participant biography16 Mar 2004
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BiometricsBiometric tests in prisons to deter drug abuses Society Sep 2008
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BiometricsBiometrics Home Office - Scientific Development Branch18 Sep 2008
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BiometricsBiometricsurveyfindings.pdf05 Jun 2006
BiometricsBioscrypt Inc. - Identity Verification05 Jun 2006
BiometricsBlair endorses police use of public's DNA - Britain - Times Online25 Oct 2006
Biometricsblogzilla Biometrics are not a panacea for data loss27 Nov 2007
BiometricsBlunkett Security needs more data, not less -Times Online24 Nov 2007
BiometricsBogus tramp who attacked young girls is jailed for 13-years - Britain - Times Online18 Sep 2006
BiometricsBritish Airways' Speedbird Club Biometrics requirement for passengers travelling on domestic flights from Terminal 503 Feb 2008
BiometricsBritish passports set for high-tech revamp to tackle terror threat05 May 2003
BiometricsBritons tolerate security cameras' prying eyes - USATODAY.com05 Jul 2007
Biometricsbrown.pdf02 Jul 2008
BiometricsCCTV boom has failed to slash crime, say police UK news The Guardian06 May 2008
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BiometricsChildren face tests to detect signs of a criminal tendency-News-UK-Crime-TimesOnline28 Mar 2007
BiometricsChildren of 11 to be finger printed-News-UK-TimesOnline04 Mar 2007 - Sweden tests bio-ID cards - Nov. 25, 200330 Apr 2004
BiometricsComment is free Hands off our fingers!23 Nov 2006 - Entire population to be suspects in ID card fingerprint scheme - IT ManagementSecurity - 13-Dec-200426 Jun 2006
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BiometricsData Watchdog Questions EU's Controversial Fingerprint Plan Europe Deutsche Welle 27.03.200831 Mar 2008
BiometricsDatabase state will not work for us -Times Online02 Jan 2008
BiometricsDaugman -- bimodal biometrics, disjunction and conjunctio25 Jun 2006
BiometricsDeloittes -- Pint of milk and top up my Oyster card please23 Nov 2006
BiometricsDept of Justice -- DoJ v. DHS re fingerprints summary04 Jun 2005
BiometricsDept of Justice, 2 or 4 or 10 fingerprints -- Audit Report04 Jun 2005
BiometricsDHS Department of Homeland Security Fact Sheet US-VISIT Program17 Sep 2003
BiometricsDHS secondary inspections21 Jun 2006
BiometricsDHS some statistics21 Jun 2006
BiometricsDHS Visa Waiver Program Passport Requirements Timeline27 May 2006
Biometricsdhs DHS Begins Collecting 10 Fingerprints From International Visitors At Washington Dulles International Airport10 Dec 2007
Biometricsdhs Visa Waiver Program Passport Requirements Timeline25 Feb 2007
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BiometricsEBP -- Viisage, DVLA test contract21 Jun 2006
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BiometricsENF97.pdf22 Jun 2006
BiometricsEU defends plans to fingerprint all European citizens Europe World31 Mar 2008
BiometricsEuropean Biometrics Portal11 Oct 2005
BiometricsEuropean Biometrics Portal -- biometrics, UK drivers licence30 May 2006
BiometricsFace scans to trial in airports this summer - Telegraph25 Apr 2008
Biometrics'Family man was responsible for series of brutal sex assaults' - Britain - Times Online15 Jun 2006
BiometricsFBI IAFIS22 Jun 2006
BiometricsFBI Prepares Vast Database Of Biometrics - washingtonpost.com22 Dec 2007
BiometricsFBI to collect biometric information on British visitors - Telegraph22 Dec 2007
BiometricsFBI wants instant access to British identity data Special reports Guardian Unlimited15 Jan 2008
BiometricsFBI wants palm prints, eye scans, tattoo mapping - CNN.com05 Feb 2008
Biometricsfeasibility_study031111_v2.pdf14 Nov 2003
BiometricsFeedback - 29 March 2008 - New Scientist28 Mar 2008
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Biometricsforesight_biometrics.pdf15 Jun 2006
BiometricsFrance plans DNA testing on immigrants to stop illegal entry the Daily Mail15 Sep 2007
BiometricsFRVT2006andICE2006LargeScaleReport.pdf09 Jan 2008
BiometricsFSS The Forensic Science Service - UK03 Mar 2007 - Comment & analysis - Letters - Minister’s defence of ID scheme left out crucial details05 Dec 2007 - World - Key role for post offices in ID cards launch24 Jan 2008
BiometricsFVC200015 Feb 2004
BiometricsFVC2002 - Second International Fingerprint Verification Competition15 Feb 2004
BiometricsFVC2004 - Third International Fingerprint Verification Competition15 Feb 2004
BiometricsFVC2006 - Fourth International Fingerprint Verification Competition10 Jul 2007
Biometricsfvc-second-fingerprint-verification.pdf14 Nov 2003
BiometricsGerman Federal Police questions reliability of facial -- European Biometrics Portal09 Sep 2007
Biometricsgettingavisa.02.03.pdf25 Feb 2007
BiometricsGlastonbury ticket register opens Breaking News News Telegraph02 Feb 2007
BiometricsGNN - Border security strengthened by fingerprint technology09 Oct 2007
BiometricsGNN - Government News Network17 Sep 2007
BiometricsGov trumpets ePassports successes - Public Sector - Breaking Business and Technology News at silicon.com13 Jul 2007
BiometricsGovt’s ID cards plan ridiculed28 Nov 2007
BiometricsGuardian Unlimited Special reports Population boom set to stabilise at 9bn by 230006 Nov 2004
BiometricsGuardian Unlimited The Guardian DNA fingerprinting 'no longer foolproof'09 Sep 2004
BiometricsHeathrow Terminal 5 fingerprint plans 'illegal' - Telegraph26 Mar 2008
BiometricsHeathrow to introduce fingerprint checks - Times Online13 Jul 2007
Biometricsheise online - Mixed reactions to the facial-features recognition technology project of the BKA16 Jul 2007
BiometricsHi-tech Cassandras foresee trouble with ID cards Guardian Unlimited Business06 Jan 2007
BiometricsHome Office to roll out biometric technology to UK borders - 01-Aug-2007 - ComputerWeekly.com14 Aug 2007 Apr 2008 Apr 2008 Dec 2007 Dec 2007
BiometricsHuman Recognition Systems30 Sep 2008
BiometricsIBIA International Biometric Industry Association14 May 2007
BiometricsIBM IBM joins forces with ActivCard, Bioscrypt, ImageWare and VeriSign to develop new identity management security solution - S05 Jun 2006
BiometricsIBM Institute for Electronic Government Home13 Jun 2006
BiometricsICAO - Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD)11 Jan 2004
BiometricsICARIS13 Nov 2006
BiometricsICARIS -- View Grant Details13 Nov 2006
BiometricsIcelandic DNA project hit by privacy storm International The Observer29 Jun 2007
BiometricsID card scheme faces new hurdle Politics The Guardian15 Aug 2008
BiometricsID cards criticised as fairy tale - 27 Nov 2007 - Computing28 Nov 2007
BiometricsID cards 'fundamentally flawed' says face recognition expert the Daily Mail12 Sep 2007
BiometricsId Technology Leaves Passengers Waiting (from The Argus)10 Jan 2007
BiometricsID test plans fuel controversy - Computing28 Oct 2006
BiometricsIDABC - UK UK large-scale biometrics trial reveals technology limits21 Jun 2006
BiometricsIdentix -- L-1 Deal Annoucements20 Jun 2006
BiometricsInfosecurity - November-December 2007 - How to dodge the red card (Dutch football fingerprint trial)06 Feb 2008
BiometricsINS Inspections Statistics Oct 200022 Jun 2006
BiometricsINS Inspections statistics Sep 200222 Jun 2006
BiometricsInternational Biometric Group - Error Rates in Large-Scale Biometric ID Systems21 Jun 2006
BiometricsInterpol media release - 25-05-200731 May 2007
Biometricsir_7110.pdf17 Feb 2007
BiometricsIridian Technologies19 Nov 2003
BiometricsIris use dropped in ID card plans - 04 Jan 2007 - IT Week23 Jan 2007
BiometricsIs it a passport, an ID card, or a fiddle A minister explains The Register06 Jan 2007
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Biometricsmesser-icba04.pdf04 Jun 2006
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BiometricsMinister for Foreign Affairs, Dermot Ahern TD, Launches new ePassport, 16th October 2006 - 16 October 2006 - Department of Fore13 Nov 2006
BiometricsMuch of UK biometric passport data for archive, police use only The Register06 Jan 2007
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BiometricsNew Scientist -- Unrecognised iris13 Apr 2007
BiometricsNew Scientist Are your secrets safe06 Oct 2003
BiometricsNew Scientist Customised hacking06 Oct 2003
BiometricsNew Scientist Defeating the hijackers06 Oct 2003
BiometricsNew Scientist Divided life06 Oct 2003
BiometricsNew Scientist Face-off06 Oct 2003
BiometricsNew Scientist fingerprint evidence unreliable09 Feb 2004
BiometricsNew Scientist Gait keepers06 Oct 2003
BiometricsNew Scientist how do I know who you are06 Oct 2003
BiometricsNew Scientist Something in the way she phones...06 Oct 2003
BiometricsNew Scientist The way of the gun06 Oct 2003
BiometricsNew ScientistGrok this now06 Oct 2003
BiometricsNew ScientistIf the face fits, a woman will know06 Oct 2003
BiometricsNew ScientistThe car that recognises you06 Oct 2003
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BiometricsNIST Face Recognition Vendor Test 200608 Jan 2008
BiometricsNIST_PACT_REC.pdf31 May 2005
BiometricsNo smiles, please - we're British from Guardian Unlimited Newsblog05 Sep 2005
BiometricsNordic Biometric - Home07 Apr 2008
BiometricsNow BAA wants to fingerprint passengers at ALL its airports the Mail on Sunday30 Mar 2008
Biometricsnpl.pdf14 Nov 2003
BiometricsOIG Evaluation and Inspections Report I-2005-00120 Feb 2007
BiometricsOIG Evaluation and Inspections Report I-2006-00720 Feb 2007
BiometricsOIG Testimony28 May 2006
Biometricspatrec.pdf23 Sep 2007
BiometricsPay By Touch is a free service that allows you to pay for purchases by placing your finger on a Pay By Touch sensor.13 Nov 2006
BiometricsPKTMP000.pdf06 Jun 2005
BiometricsPolice halt use of low-copy DNA evidence after Omagh judgment - Times Online22 Dec 2007
BiometricsPolice suspend use of discredited DNA test after Omagh acquittal Special reports Guardian Unlimited22 Dec 2007
BiometricsPolice trying out national database with 750,000 mugshots, MPs told UK news The Guardian20 Mar 2008
Biometricspsrevho.pdf21 Jun 2006
BiometricsPublic Service - Identity Register could collapse29 Sep 2008
BiometricsPut everyone on DNA database, says judge - Telegraph05 Sep 2007
Biometricss03017_pr0.pdf03 Sep 2007
BiometricsSagem -- Sagem Sécurité to Provide Biometric Systems for UK Visa and Resident Permit Applicants 19 Jun 2008
BiometricsScotland on Sunday - Terrorist detectors for every UK airport09 Sep 2007 News - ID cards will lead to 'massive fraud'06 Jan 2007 News - Prisoners unpick hi-tech lock system06 Jan 2007
BiometricsSecurity Document World - Biometrics, Passports, ID Cards and Visas19 Jun 2008
BiometricsSecurity fear over airport face scanners - Telegraph06 Oct 2008
BiometricsSecurity Park - nCipher miSense biometric technology simplifies airport check-in and strengthens security14 Dec 2006
BiometricsShoe rapist is trapped by sister’s DNA 20 years after serial attacks - Britain - Times Online18 Jul 2006
BiometricsSmart cameras to tackle abandoned luggage alarms Technology Reuters13 May 2007
BiometricsSpy Blog Fiona Mactaggart misunderstands Biometrics10 Jan 2004
BiometricsStatewatch News Online EU ID cards, passports and biometrics01 Aug 2005
Biometricst5 it doesn’t work (yet) - Times Online27 Dec 2007
BiometricsTechnical problems for Dutch biometric passport -- European Biometrics Portal11 Oct 2005
BiometricsTelegraph News DNA print inventor is your Great Briton19 Jan 2007
BiometricsTelegraph News Long eyelashes thwart ID card iris scans06 May 2004
BiometricsTen point plan for border protection and Immigration reform GNN - Government News Network14 Jan 2008
Biometricsthe Mail online Mail - news, sport, showbiz, health and more A fingerprint That will do nicely15 Mar 2005
BiometricsThe Times -- Fancy a pint Then show the publican your print10 Feb 2006
BiometricsThink about it, this will make turning on your computer much simpler - Comment - Times Online22 May 2006
BiometricsThousands of businesses to be authorised to make biometric checks on customers - 01-Nov-2005 - ComputerWeekly.com06 Jan 2007
BiometricsTime Point - Time Solution Providers - Leading Provider of biometric employee time recording solutions29 Aug 2007
BiometricsTimes Online - biometrics delays07 Jan 2004
BiometricsTimes Online - Comment Central - Weblog Has he been watching CSI again24 Oct 2006
BiometricsTimes Online - Comment Central - Weblog Has he been watching CSI again 212 Dec 2006
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BiometricsViisage -- DVLA21 Jun 2006
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BiometricsWe are all suspects now - Comment - Times Online03 Nov 2006
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BiometricsWiley InterScience Journal Abstract09 Feb 2004
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BiometricsYouTube - Mythbusters-Beat Finger Print Security System09 Nov 2006
Civil libertiesAli_Hen_Do.pdf10 Jul 2008
Civil libertiesAre we a free country any more20 Jul 2007
Civil libertiesBBC NEWS Politics ID cards will 'infringe civil liberties'06 Jul 2003
Civil libertiesBBC NEWS Politics MPs probe 'surveillance society'22 Mar 2007
Civil libertiesBritain’s future Labour candidates respond openDemocracy14 Jun 2007
Civil liberties'Charge smokers for right to buy cigarettes' - Telegraph24 Oct 2007
Civil libertiesClose your door to the mafia tax collectors in the town hall Dt Opinion Opinion Telegraph28 Feb 2007
Civil libertiesCollar the lot of us! Blair adds whole UK to police suspect list The Register20 Feb 2007
Civil libertiesCome on, open up in the name of the cow inspector-Comment-Columnists-Guest contributors-TimesOnline23 Apr 2007
Civil libertiesDavid Davis - Home18 Jun 2008
Civil libertiesEFF Homepage15 Jun 2005
Civil libertiesGuardian Unlimited Comment is free The threat from terrorism does not justify slicing away our freedoms15 Nov 2007
Civil libertiesHome Office calls for new data sharing powers15 Mar 2007
Civil libertiesHumiliated Hewitt in junior doctors climbdown International News News Telegraph15 May 2007
Civil libertiesID Cards06 May 2003
Civil libertiesID cards will be a great British Institution « UK Liberty20 Jun 2007
Civil libertiesid-card-evidence-to-home-affairs-committee-dec.pdf12 Jan 2004
Civil libertiesid-card-ha-draft-bill-brief.pdf27 May 2004
Civil libertiesid-cards-mar-2003.pdf06 May 2003
Civil libertiesIdentity Card concerns15 Feb 2004
Civil libertiesLegal fight over ID cards secrecy begins - 14-Mar-2007 - ComputerWeekly.com15 Mar 2007
Civil libertiesLiberty -- ID Cards29 May 2005
Civil libertiesMagna Carta 2007 - an updated version to protect us from an overweening State the Daily Mail27 Sep 2007
Civil libertiesMichael Cross British e-government fails to achieve the X-Factor Technology The Guardian27 Sep 2007
Civil libertiesNO2IDstop ID cards and the database state!25 May 2006
Civil libertiesOn Campaigns of Opposition to ID Card Schemes10 Oct 2004
Civil libertiespa520.pdf19 Nov 2007
Civil libertiesPrivacy & Human Rights 2000 - Overview29 Jan 2003
Civil libertiesPrivacy International - Technologies of Privacy29 Jan 2003
Civil libertiesPrivacy row as checks on phones and e-mails hit 439,000-News-UK-Crime-TimesOnline20 Feb 2007
Civil libertiesReid says human rights laws are fuelling terror -News-Politics-TimesOnline13 May 2007
Civil libertiesResponse to Fiona MacTaggart10 Jan 2004
Civil libertiesRoger Clarke's Privacy Introduction and Definitions26 Aug 2003
Civil libertiesShared use page for May 2003
Civil libertiesSpeech on Liberty26 Oct 2007
Civil libertiesSpeech on Security and Liberty - 17 June 200817 Jun 2008
Civil libertiesStatewatch monitoring civil liberties in the EU01 Aug 2005
Civil libertiesSurveillance and security ID Cards news archives09 Nov 2003
Civil libertiesTaxmen collect 1m home photos Uk News News Telegraph29 May 2007
Civil libertiesThe Freedom Association19 Nov 2003
Civil libertiesThe John Harris files UK news The Guardian05 Apr 2008
Civil libertiesTony Blair has turned Britain into a land where we are all prisoners the Daily Mail14 Jun 2007
Civil libertiesWhite Rose09 Nov 2003
ConsultancyEgytec -- Industry Business Consultants20 Jan 2008
ConsultancyID card consultancy hits £50m - 26 Jul 2007 - Computing14 Aug 2007
ConsultancyPA Consulting bill for ID cards to bust £18m estimate - Accountancy Age15 Jun 2006
ConsultancyPA Consulting paid £12m for ID cards scheme - Management Consultancy20 Jun 2006
ConsultancyTelegraph Business Government pays double for consultants25 Dec 2006
Data Protection Actdata_sharing_policy.pdf04 Jul 2006
Data Protection ActID in the News» Blog Archive » Getting to know you22 Jan 2007
Data Protection ActInformation Commissioner's Office06 Oct 2004
Data Protection ActLongrider » Ann Rossiter Gets it Wrong22 Jan 2007
Data Protection ActPM's policy review gathers pace22 Jan 2007
Data Protection ActSMF Social Market Foundation23 Jan 2007
DocumentaryAbout BBC News Frontpage24 Apr 2004
DocumentaryBBC - Press Office - Biographies A23 Apr 2004
DocumentaryEndemol31 Mar 2003
DocumentaryITN - Frequently Asked Questions24 Apr 2004
DocumentaryNewsnight -- make a film29 Nov 2006
eGovernmentBBC NEWS Technology Sexing up e-government03 Nov 2003
eGovernmentIDABC13 Dec 2006
eGovernmentIDBAC Synergy 3.pdf13 Dec 2006
eGovernmentMichael Cross Whitehall must learn from Estonia's e-government Society May 2007
eGovernmenttech-report.pdf30 Jan 2003
EUcom2005_0229en01.pdf04 Jan 2008
EUeEurope 2002 Action Plan08 Jun 2003
EUeEurope Smartcards -- index08 Jun 2003
EUeEurope Smartcards The intelligent key to your quality of life03 Jun 2003
EUEUCLID31 May 2003
EUEUROPA - Activities of the European Union - Information society08 Jun 2003
EUEuropa - The European Union On-Line08 Jun 2003
EUSimon Jenkins Blair risks ending up as one more crusader in the Levantine ditch Politics The Guardian22 Feb 2008
Finland91989.pdf13 Sep 2005
FinlandAnalysphere of 13 August 01 Wireless31 May 2003
FinlandBBC News BUSINESS Cradle of the mobile revolution09 Jun 2003
FinlandeFinland A New Development Step in Remote Management for Mobile Phones26 Dec 2005
FinlandeFinland Biometrics – a New Challenge for Passports11 Nov 2003
FinlandeFinland Electronic Identity Being Consciously Promoted in Europe and Around the World14 Nov 2005
FinlandeFinland Elisa Distributes SIM Card With Citizen Certificate29 Jun 2005
FinlandeFinland Finland New users for electronic ID14 Jul 2003
FinlandeFinland Finnish Electronic Identification Card Good for Multiple Purposes26 Jul 2004
FinlandeFinland Finnish Online Government Progress Report13 Nov 2003
FinlandeFinland Finnish Personal ID Now Also for Short Term Use23 May 2005
FinlandeFinland Finnish Setec Strengthens Its Position as the Leading Supplier of Biometric Passports in Europe06 Sep 2004
FinlandeFinland F-Secure Expands Antivirus Offering for Nokia’s S60-Based Smartphones27 Feb 2006
FinlandeFinland F-Secure Mobile Anti-Virus to Support New Windows Mobile 5.0 Operating System27 Feb 2006
FinlandeFinland Good Bye Keys! Hello Fingerprint-Based Biometric Identification!24 Jan 2005
FinlandeFinland International Porvoo Group Seminar Developing Electronic Identity Is a Pan-European Challenge29 Jun 2005
FinlandeFinland Matching Commuters and Drivers by Mobile Phone17 Jan 2005
FinlandeFinland Nokia Unveils the World's First Near Field Communication Product08 Nov 2004
FinlandeFinland Pan-European Electronic Identity Becoming a Reality - International Porvoo Group Conference in Tallinn, Estonia28 Jun 2004
FinlandeFinland Pan-European Electronic Identity Being Developed in Wide Cooperation13 Dec 2004
FinlandeFinland RFID Technology-Based Nokia Field Force Solution to Dutch Healthcare Market27 Feb 2006
FinlandeFinland Setec Delivers the First Volumes of Biometric Passports and Electronic Identity Cards to Sweden in a 100 million Eur14 Nov 2005
FinlandeFinland University of Jyväskylä Participated in the Verified by Visa User Identification Project18 Oct 2004
FinlandFinland Electronic identification to mobile phone29 Jan 2003
FinlandMr Tapio Aaltonen, Director Certificate Authority Services, Finnish Population Register Centre10 Mar 2005
FinlandPopulation Register Centre31 Jan 2004
FinlandPopulation Register Centre - General - The ID Card10 Mar 2005
FinlandPorvoo Group10 Mar 2005
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TheftBBC NEWS Politics Darling says 25m records 'lost'20 Nov 2007
TheftBBC NEWS Politics Data loss firm contract axed10 Sep 2008
TheftBBC NEWS Politics Discs loss 'entirely avoidable'25 Jun 2008
TheftBBC NEWS Politics ID theft 'costs UK £1.7bn a year'02 Feb 2006
TheftBBC NEWS Politics Interpol concern over UK borders01 Dec 2004
TheftBBC NEWS Politics Phones and MP3s fuel robbery rise20 Jul 2006
TheftBBC NEWS Politics Privacy traders 'must be jailed'12 May 2006
TheftBBC NEWS Politics 'Years' to fix immigration system06 Jun 2006
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TheftBBC NEWS Programmes Moneybox Thousands at risk after data loss03 Nov 2007
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TheftBBC NEWS Technology Card details stolen in web hack10 Jun 2008
TheftBBC NEWS Technology Dozens held over ID fraud website30 Oct 2004
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TheftBBC NEWS Technology iTunes copy protection 'cracked'25 Oct 2006
TheftBBC NEWS UK 3,000 passports and visas stolen29 Jul 2008
TheftBBC NEWS UK Benefit fraud costs £2bn a year04 Jul 2003
TheftBBC NEWS UK Britain fails fake passport test04 Dec 2006
TheftBBC NEWS UK Company loses data on criminals21 Aug 2008
TheftBBC NEWS UK Customs staff fear port security12 Jun 2006
TheftBBC NEWS UK Doctors' job website is suspended26 Apr 2007
TheftBBC NEWS UK Gang jailed for £14m forged notes23 Nov 2006
TheftBBC NEWS UK Huge driving test scam uncovered23 Jun 2007
TheftBBC News UK Huge surge in mobile phone thefts23 Nov 2004
TheftBBC NEWS UK London police foil huge bank raid17 Mar 2005
TheftBBC News UK Making mobiles mugger-proof23 Nov 2004
TheftBBC NEWS UK Mobile phone crime blitz launched17 Dec 2003
TheftBBC NEWS UK Police forces 'no longer working'16 Sep 2005
TheftBBC NEWS UK Poor 'more likely to be burgled'16 Apr 2006
TheftBBC NEWS UK UK bank details 'for sale for £5'08 Apr 2008
TheftBBC NEWS UK UK defends its border procedures09 Jul 2007
TheftBBC NEWS Wales Police arrested over web selling22 Aug 2006
TheftBBC NEWS World Americas ID theft mastermind gets 14 years11 Jan 2005
TheftBBC NEWS World Asia-Pacific Man charged over Sydney messages22 Dec 2005
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TheftBBC NEWS World Europe Russia busts fake Kremlin ID gang06 Dec 2005
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Theftcardfraudfacts20021.pdf01 Jan 2007
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Website visitorsInsight Capital Partners03 Dec 2007
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Website visitorsInstitut Eurecom -- Ecole d'Ingénieurs en systèmes de communication28 Feb 2007
Website visitorsInstitut National de Recherche sur les Transports et leur Securite03 Dec 2007
Website visitorsInstitut Superieur d'Electronique du Nord25 Nov 2007
Website visitorsInstitute of Automation & Electrometry, Russian Academy of Science, Novosibirsk28 Apr 2007
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Website visitorsMinistero della Difesa - Comando Generale dell'Arma dei Carabinieri15 Aug 2007
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Website visitorsMinistry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan)14 May 2008
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Website visitorsNational Institutes of Health (NIH)11 Nov 2007
Website visitorsNational Physical Laboratory (NPL Management Ltd)17 Dec 2007
Website visitorsNational Power Corporation03 Dec 2007
Website visitorsNational Research Council Canada Science at Work for Canada05 Oct 2007
Website visitorsNATO C3 Agency - NL, 'Radio protocols lab'10 Jul 2007
Website visitorsNavy Network Information Center (NNIC)31 May 2007
Website visitorsNCR14 Aug 2007
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Website visitorsNorth Lanarkshire Council24 Aug 2007
Website visitorsNorthampton College12 Oct 2007
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Website visitorsNorthern Ohio Educational Computer Association16 Oct 2007
Website visitorsNorthrop Grumman Corporation -- Defining the Future13 Mar 2007
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Website visitorsNorwegian University of Science and Technology25 Jun 2007
Website visitorsNova Ljubljanska banka d.d., Ljubljana15 Oct 2007
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Website visitorsNTIS -- National Technical Information Service14 Aug 2007
Website visitorsOasis Charitable Trust03 Dec 2007
Website visitorsOffice of the Government Chief Information Officer -- Hong Kong04 Apr 2007
Website visitorsOFGEM -- Office of Gas and Electricity Markets10 Jul 2007
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Website visitorsOrkney Today Newspaper31 Oct 2007
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Website visitorsossi -- Open System Solutions, Inc.04 Jul 2007
Website visitorsOvum -- Telecoms and Software Consulting29 Mar 2007
Website visitorsOxford University Press17 Dec 2007
Website visitorsP&O Ferries13 Jun 2007
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Website visitorsPanera LLC05 Sep 2007
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Website visitorsParliamentary Commissioners' Office of Hungary21 Feb 2007
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Website visitorsPortal Internet Banrisul Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, S.A.08 Mar 2007
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Website visitorsPrefeitura Municipal de Lagoa Grande08 Dec 2007
Website visitorsPrefeitura Municipal de São José14 Aug 2007
Website visitorsPremier Foods (RHM Ltd)17 May 2007
Website visitorsPremier Prison Services Ltd in Banbury, Oxford -- Security Services in Oxford -- Touch Oxford OX1613 Feb 2007
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Website visitorsQinetiQ01 Dec 2007
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Website visitorsQualitrol Corporation10 Jul 2007
Website visitorsQueen Mary and Westfield College28 Nov 2007
Website visitorsRadio Sprectrum International Consulting Ltd04 Sep 2007
Website visitorsRailway Pensions Management17 Apr 2007
Website visitorsRangsit University24 Aug 2007
Website visitorsRaytheon Company (Executive Office)25 May 2007
Website visitorsReader's Digest19 Sep 2007
Website visitorsReal Not -- French notaries26 Apr 2007
Website visitorsRedIRIS - Spanish National Research Network07 Jul 2007
Website visitorsReed Elsevier Australia10 Feb 2007
Website visitorsRegion 16 Education Service Center27 Apr 2007
Website visitorsRegisters of Scotland (land & property registers)14 May 2008
Website visitorsRenaissance Capital14 Sep 2007
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Website visitorsResearch In Motion11 Apr 2007
Website visitorsResearch Triangle Institute27 Apr 2007
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Website visitorsRijks Universiteit Groningen23 Oct 2007
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Website visitorsRobertson Languages International21 Apr 2007
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Website visitorsRoosevelt University27 Dec 2007
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Website visitorsRoyal Academy of Engineering03 Dec 2007
Website visitorsRoyal Holloway and Bedford New College21 Jun 2007
Website visitorsRuhr-Universität Bochum02 May 2007
Website visitorsRutgers, The State University of New Jersey09 Apr 2007
Website visitorsSagem Communication07 Jun 2007
Website visitorsSagem Orga18 Jul 2007
Website visitorssaic From Science to Solutions™ -- Science Applications International Corporation29 Mar 2007
Website visitorsSaint Petersburg State University25 Aug 2007
Website visitorsSalamander Technologies, Inc.04 Oct 2007
Website visitorsSantee Cooper18 Nov 2007
Website visitorsSAP - Business Software Solutions Applications and Services30 Jun 2007
Website visitorsSapient02 Feb 2007
Website visitorsSchlumberger (Transocean Sedco Forex)24 Oct 2007
Website visitorsSchool of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science University of Central Florida27 Mar 2007
Website visitorsSciworth Inc.27 Aug 2007
Website visitorsSCOCA -- South Central Ohio Computer Association27 Mar 2007
Website visitorsScottish Enterprise17 Nov 2007
Website visitorsSCWC -- Southern California Water Company18 Nov 2007
Website visitorsSebha University23 Oct 2007
Website visitorsSEF -- Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras18 Jul 2007
Website visitorsSEGfL -- South East Grid for Learning20 Jun 2007
Website visitorsSelçuk University16 Jul 2007
Website visitorsSema Group SA, España (=Atos Origin España)23 Oct 2007
Website visitorsSerena Software, Inc.18 Sep 2007
Website visitorsSetec Oy Suometsantie (=Gemalto =Gemplus)11 Nov 2007
Website visitorsSeylan Bank30 Jun 2007
Website visitorsSFA, Inc.24 Jul 2007
Website visitorsShadbolt & Co International Commercial Law Firm02 Feb 2007
Website visitorsSheffield Hallam University08 Dec 2007
Website visitorsShell Group30 Mar 2007
Website visitorsShell Information Technology International27 Oct 2007
Website visitorsShire Pharmaceuticals04 Sep 2007
Website visitorsSiemens Business Services17 Dec 2007
Website visitorsSiemens Business Services, Germany11 Apr 2007
Website visitorsSiemens Communications19 May 2007
Website visitorsSITA -- Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques13 Apr 2007
Website visitorsSky Bet04 Sep 2007
Website visitorsSloane Park Property Trust, a.s.13 Dec 2007
Website visitorsSmarsh Financial Technologies18 Nov 2007
Website visitorsSmart & Biggar-Fetherstonhaugh23 Nov 2007
Website visitorssmile25 Oct 2007
Website visitorsSmith & Williamson27 Dec 2007
Website visitorsSOGEI27 Dec 2007
Website visitorsSolem, tecnología socialmente responsable -- Chile04 Apr 2007
Website visitorssolologic17 Dec 2007
Website visitorsSopra Group11 Apr 2007
Website visitorsSouth Australian Centre for Manufacturing -- Silicon Works Centre14 Apr 2007
Website visitorsSouth Tyneside College17 Dec 2007
Website visitorsSouthern Illinois University23 Oct 2007
Website visitorsSouthern Methodist University17 Apr 2007
Website visitorsSouthwest Jiaotong University23 Nov 2007
Website visitorsSRA International (Systems Research and Applications Corp.)11 Nov 2007
Website visitorsST Electronics Limited25 Oct 2007
Website visitorsSt James's Hospital14 Aug 2007
Website visitorsSt. Leo's College21 Mar 2007
Website visitorsSt. Mary's College of Maryland14 Apr 2007
Website visitorsStadtnetz für Münster in Westfalen Rathaus28 Mar 2007
Website visitorsStaffordshire County Council04 Dec 2007
Website visitorsStanford University01 May 2007
Website visitorsStark Software International27 Aug 2007
Website visitorsState of Maryland17 Apr 2007
Website visitorsState of Missouri -- Office of Administration17 Oct 2007
Website visitorsState of Oregon09 Oct 2007
Website visitorsState of Washington - Dept of Labor & Industries13 Dec 2007
Website visitorsState Street Bank08 Dec 2007
Website visitorsState University of New York - Binghamton04 Dec 2007
Website visitorsState University of New York -- Upstate Medical University -- College of Nursing11 Sep 2007
Website visitorsStates of Jersey website10 Jul 2007
Website visitorsStatistics Canada18 Nov 2007
Website visitorsSTATSearch24 Oct 2007
Website visitorsStephenson College of Further Education01 Dec 2007
Website visitorsSteria Limited11 Nov 2007
Website visitorsSTMicroelectronics18 Sep 2007
Website visitorsStony Brook University08 Jan 2007
Website visitorsSullivan & Cromwell LLP (New York NY) -- International Law Office30 Mar 2007
Website visitorsSullivan University11 Apr 2007
Website visitorsSun Microsystems07 Apr 2007
Website visitorsSUZHOU JUNXIANG ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD.15 Jul 2007
Website visitorsSweet & Maxwell14 Jul 2007
Website visitorsSwindon Borough Council03 Apr 2007
Website visitorsSybase Inc11 Sep 2007
Website visitorsSymbolic Systems(r), Inc.07 Apr 2007
Website visitorsSynetrix Holdings Limited17 Dec 2007
Website visitorsSynetrix Holdings Ltd04 Oct 2007
Website visitorsSyracuse University17 Apr 2007
Website visitorsTaiwan Academic Network, Ministry of Education computer Center08 Dec 2007
Website visitorsTameside College26 Apr 2007
Website visitorsTarrant County College18 Nov 2007
Website visitorsTarsus Group PLC23 Nov 2007
Website visitorsTaylor Woodrow plc12 Jul 2007
Website visitorsTechnical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest04 May 2007
Website visitorsTechnische Universitaet Berlin03 Apr 2007
Website visitorsTechnische Universitaet Graz16 Oct 2007
Website visitorsTel Aviv University13 Jul 2007
Website visitorsTelegraph Group Ltd13 Mar 2007
Website visitorsTENET24 May 2007
Website visitorsTexas A&M University12 Apr 2007
Website visitorsTexas Instruments01 Sep 2007
Website visitorsThales Group06 Apr 2007
Website visitorsThe Bank of New York Mellon05 Oct 2007
Website visitorsThe Bar Council, The Law Library of Ireland17 May 2007
Website visitorsThe City of Tampere18 Nov 2007
Website visitorsThe Claremont Colleges12 Apr 2007
Website visitorsThe College of William & Mary11 Apr 2007
Website visitorsThe Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge22 May 2007
Website visitorsThe Dutch Ministry of Justice15 Oct 2007
Website visitorsThe George Washington University11 Apr 2007
Website visitorsThe Johns Hopkins University08 Dec 2007
Website visitorsThe MITRECorporation24 Aug 2007
Website visitorsThe MOFET Institute13 Jun 2007
Website visitorsThe Open University08 Sep 2007
Website visitorsThe Oran Group (Snowie Ltd)14 Aug 2007
Website visitorsThe Royal Bank of Scotland28 Nov 2007
Website visitorsThe School of Pharmacy, University of London04 May 2007
Website visitorsThe Scotsman Publications Ltd04 Sep 2007
Website visitorsThe Sumitomo Bank Limited03 Dec 2007
Website visitorsThe Thomson Corporation12 Sep 2007
Website visitorsThe U.S. Department of Labor -- FTS 2001 Dept of labor OAS28 Nov 2007
Website visitorsThe University of Adelaide24 Apr 2007
Website visitorsThe University of Arizona18 Apr 2007
Website visitorsThe University of Bradford03 Dec 2007
Website visitorsThe University of Edinburgh29 Sep 2007
Website visitorsThe University of Huddersfield08 Dec 2007
Website visitorsThe University of Hull18 Sep 2007
Website visitorsThe University of Nottingham11 May 2007
Website visitorsThe University of Sheffield04 Dec 2007
Website visitorsThe University of Western Ontario23 Nov 2007
Website visitorsThe Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute10 Jul 2007
Website visitorsThe Wharf (Holdings) Limited17 Oct 2007
Website visitorsThe World Bank04 Apr 2007
Website visitorsThomson Scientific01 Dec 2007
Website visitorsTiger Aspect Productions13 Sep 2007
Website visitorsTOKAI Corporation17 Dec 2007
Website visitorsTomorrow (GE Life)03 Dec 2007
Website visitorsToshiba American Business Solutions17 Apr 2007
Website visitorsTreasury Solicitors Department18 Nov 2007
Website visitorsTrend Micro Antivirus & Content Security Software11 Apr 2007
Website visitorsTrianz27 Sep 2007
Website visitorsTrinity College, Dublin14 Apr 2007
Website visitorsTrinity Mirror plc14 Nov 2007
Website visitorsTrusted Logic - Premier company in secure open technology software for embedded systems12 Apr 2007
Website visitorsTTP -- The Technology Partnership14 Aug 2007
Website visitorsTubitak UEKAE -- National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology, Turkey12 Jul 2007
Website visitorsTufts University11 Apr 2007
Website visitorsTÜV NORD Group11 Nov 2007
Website visitorsU.S. Air Forces in Europe07 Jun 2007
Website visitorsU.S. Department of Veterans Affairs18 Apr 2007
Website visitorsU.S. Foodservice01 Jun 2007
Website visitorsU.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms11 Jul 2007
Website visitorsUBS11 Oct 2007
Website visitorsUCB (Celltech Therapeutics, Hamburg)13 Feb 2007
Website visitorsUCB SA11 Oct 2007
Website - achieving results through e-learning21 Jun 2007
Website visitorsUK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory24 Jul 2007
Website visitorsUK Parliament10 Mar 2007
Website visitorsUNICC United Nations International Computing Centre08 Apr 2007
Website visitorsUnisys24 Jul 2007
Website visitorsUnited Nations International Computing Centre01 Jul 2007
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