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Update 14/01/2011

What is G-Digital?

G-Digital is a project within the G-Cloud programme.

G-Digital is tasked with procuring a set of web-services that can be used by all Public Sector bodies. The goals of G-Digital are to:

  1. Provide online services to members of the Club (find out more using the link below)
  2. Reduce delivery costs through the use of ‘as-a-service’ commercial agreements
  3. Make these services available as a Public Sector-wide platform

The Departments that are collaborating within G-Digital are HMRC (Business Link), Cabinet Office (Directgov) and Department of Health. The Club is supporting G-Digital project activities.

Why is this project being undertaken?

The current members of the G-Digital programme all have services that will be due for renewal in the next three years. The alignment of these contract dates allows members to progress any new arrangements together and benefit from working together rather than independently.

Further, by working together all participating members will support a variety of government initiatives such as the Data Centre Strategy, G-Cloud and Application Store for Government Programme.

What is the relationship between G-Digital and Digital Delivery Identity Assurance?

G-Digital and Identity Assurance are separate projects but are using combined technical resources (such as this website). The G-Digital and Identity Assurance teams acknowledge that there are a number of synergies between the projects and there is an effort to align the projects.

Where can I find more information about the Prior Information Notice (PIN)?

You can find the G-Digital and Digital Delivery Identity Assurance PINs on the Official Journal of the European Union website.

Official Journal of the European Union

Download the G-Digital PIN PDF (87K)

Download the Identity Assurance PIN PDF (87K)

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About this Website?

This website aims to provide information to central government, agencies and other public sector organisations, and suppliers of web services.