Marek Rejman-Greene                                                                                 

Senior Biometrics Advisor

Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB)

c/o Direct Communications Unit

2 Marsham St

London SW1P 4DF                                                                                            


11 March 2009


Dear Marek

Manchester airport biometrics trial

If I understand correctly, the Manchester airport trial of biometrics based on facial geometry [1] was due to run for six months and should have ended a few weeks ago, in February. The results of this trial are a matter of considerable interest. Can you tell me when the public can expect to see the results? And are there any initial impressions you can publish now?

Mass consumer biometrics

It is two months since my last letter to you, dated 8 January 2009 [2]. The letter was both emailed and posted. There has been no acknowledgement. I am still hoping for an answer.

Yours sincerely

David Moss