The wisdom of civil servants


by David Moss

December 2009


A copy of the following email was sent to me, presumably by mistake:

From: CabSec
To: SecStateDTI
Date: 31 December 2009
Subject: wikiPol


You know perfectly well I can't advise you on how to undermine the Conservative proposal for a sort of eParliament. That would be political.

Don't want to undermine it anyway. It's a marvellous idea. Positively heart-warming. Best stocking present the Cabinet Office could possibly have been given.

All blogs need moderators, otherwise they fall apart. I've already drafted the recruitment ads for 1,000 moderators to join CabOff and invigilate British democracy. Give the little man his say.

And His Grace* has done a marvellous job, speedily producing the first editorial guidelines for wikiPol. CabOff will remain in sole charge of what issues are aired, how they are worded, and how the contributions of the public are ignored.

Only really one cloud on the horizon. That Jenkins article suggesting everyone should vote for everything, and control should all be local. If you'd like any help rebutting his flagrant attempt to wrest power from central government, I think I can safely say that that wouldn't be political.



* Believed to be a reference to Liam Byrne MP

David Moss has spent six years campaigning against the Home Office's ID card scheme.

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